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  1. Ewil

    Indoor beekeeping?

    I have 2 buckets and 1 barrel filled with honey (70 liter). The beehives are underground, and a bit away. I have 20 skeps, and the bees are thriving underground. I did put in tons of flowers, so each skep have access to 35 flowers, and also some oil-lamps and lanterns.
  2. Ewil

    Indoor beekeeping?

    SUCSESS!!! I managed to move a wild hive into a skep, and place it in a underground meadow. They got plenty of flowers and even more empty skeps. Now they will swarm in 1 day, and I am excited to see how large farm I can keep. The thing was that me and my friends, started on the server on a summer. And we made a few flint-tools, exploring, treasure-hunting and chasing butterflies. And when fall and winter came, we got punched in the face, how hard survival really are...... And now it is about to be spring again, and NOW we concentrate on food-preserving, and build up stock to survive next hard winter! I just love the toughness of this game! //Ewil
  3. Having a healthy bee farm indoors? Is that possible? Me and some friends just survived the long and dark winter, and now we wanted to be even more prepared for next winter to come. We just found salt, and we need honey and wax too. Anyone have experience with indoor beekeeping? We want to harvest wax during winter too.... BR //Ewil
  4. Thank You for your answers.
  5. I am a new player, and I must kick off by saying that I LOVE this game! Truly a hard game. This is what I define as "survival" + "open world" + "free roam". Thank you dev's and all ppl who make mods and ppl who help out lost newbies like myself! Thank you all! I do have some things I would like to hear ppl opinions on (vanilla), and if you agree? * The drifter's spawn inside our buildings, and I was hoping that light would keep them away. * There are massiv hords with drifter's outside who growl so much it is getting annoying. It is even worse then deers in valheim..... (i don't mind fighting the monsters, but the things I said above, is a little too much for my taste.) * Fishing. I would like to have fishing applied. With rod, trap or net. That would be awsome! * Be able to drown. I guess that is something that will put more depth to the game, and perfect with a combination with underwater caves, with loot? As I said, I love the game, and will be playing hundres of hours on my server, with my friends! Thank you all! //Ewil
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