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  1. cyabatta

    Demo Version?

    Minecraft works for me whitout optifine at least 30 fps, i've a potato pc; I've a AMD E-1 6010 APU whit AMD Radeon R2 Graphics, 4 GB RAM and 64-bit system (Windows 8.1). Tell me something
  2. cyabatta

    Demo Version?

    So, to have a idea about graphics, i seen from some videos that the graphic, i think, it's most detailed and heavy, but it's programmed in C# then it could work better, idk, let me know something. PS: if i wrote any grammatical errors excuse me but i'm italian and i'm studying english
  3. cyabatta

    Demo Version?

    Hi, i'm new. Sorry but i wanted to know if there is a demo version of the game to let me see if my pc supports it
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