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  1. Updated MoreRoads to 1.4. Mod pack link updated or download this specific mod only: https://mods.vintagestory.at/download?fileid=2877
  2. Updated xskills mod to the latest version (0.6) - updated the mod pack link
  3. The Paints mod works on 1.5.6. I tested it also supports the new plank types (purple is however now redundant). Updated mod tags.
  4. Added new mod - Travelling Merchants (modpack link updated)
  5. Server updated to 1.15.6. Updated also medieval expansion mod to 3.6.1 (modpack link updated)
  6. Hello fellow vintarians! Few days ago we started a brand new server. The world was created on 4th September and we'd like to build a long lasting world, without an unnecessary resets. No fluff, no spin, let's have fun - come in Connection vs.lonski.pl:6666 Configuration Dedicated server in Poland, Europe (we have also players from America and they don't experience lags) Automatic backup is performed daily at midnight GMT+1 Server config mostly vanilla 30 day month length Rules Have fun and let the others have it too Respect the others and be respected PvP enabled, but requires two side agreement Mods XSkills/Xlib Carry Capacity Player Corpse Trade'o'mat (10 per player) Starterpack Medieval Expansion Necessaries (1 mailbox per player with one attachement per mail, trash can, vines patch, grindstone) Survival Categories Workbench Expansion Instruments Lichen More Roads Useful Stuff Travelling Merchants Join our discord: https://discord.gg/KSpg6MsCzm Download the mod pack: https://files.lonski.pl/blobs/6h1sxew7o7n3zyawi6ncmm4hxeqy?disposition=attachment
  7. Sps

    Paints v1.4.0

    Yeah the idea is to make a tool to color existing blocks, without the need to break and replace them manually. However I was thinking about replacing the blocks with the custom ones instead of overlay. In fact I don't know how such overlay could work.
  8. Sps

    Paints v1.4.0

    So basically its mixing paints. I took the approach to mix the pigments instead, which works in similar way - you mix green pigment with black to get dark green. However currently it works in limited scope.
  9. Sps

    Paints v1.4.0

    Sorry for being such ignorant, but I have no idea what `Terraria's book` is
  10. Sps

    Paints v1.4.0

    Yeah the colors are indeed a bit intense. I adjusted the saturation a bit.
  11. Sps

    Paints v1.4.0

    Had an idea to build a Moomin house? Missing blue planks? Paints mod for the rescue! New blocks Planks, plank slabs, plank stairs in new colors: white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, grey, purple, dark green Pigments Paint preparation First you need to create white paint, which is base for all other paint colors. To create white paint mix 10 liters of limewater with 1 fat. To create other colors paint mix 1 pigment with 10 litres of white paint. Painting planks Simply put planks / plank slabs / plank stairs into a barrel with paint. One plank will consume 1 litre of paint. Roadmap Brush tool to paint existing blocks Color blocks programatically instead of defining custom textures More paintable blocks (fences, linen, doors?) Change list v1.4.0 v1.3.0 v1.2.0 v1.1.0 v1.0.0 Bugs and feature requests reporting https://github.com/lonski/vintagestory-paints/issues Resources Source: https://github.com/lonski/vintagestory-paints Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/522 Installation Download the zip file and put it, un-extracted, in Mods folder.
  12. I noticed that breaking pumpkins does not increase Farming experience, which seems to be resonable, because you probably are not able to distinguish breaking grown pumpkins on a field and breaking manualy placed pumpkins. However you could receive some farming exp for breaking the vines, what do you think?
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