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Simple Server Hosting (8+ slots)

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10.00 EUR and 10.00 EUR/month (VAT included)

In order to purchase server hosting, you must have a game account. If you bought the game through itch.io or the humble store, please write us a support ticket.


Product Information

Allows you to play with others over the internet for a monthly fee.

This product offers a very easy to use interface to control a private game server from within the game. No technical skills required. These servers are online 24/7 and players from around the world can connect to them. They are hosted by us, the developers of the game.

If see an out of stock notice: Please write us a support ticket about it.


  • You must have a game account before getting a game server. If you bought the game through itch.io or the humble store, please write us a support ticket.
  • Please create your game account before purchasing server time.
  • Does not support 3rd party mods (we are working on it)


  • Available within minutes after purchase
  • 24/7 online server, connect from all around the world
  • No technical skill required, press a single button - "Start Server" and you server is ready to join.
  • Play with up to 8 concurrent players.
  • World size of up to 300x300 kilometers, or 150.000 blocks in every direction.
  • Ability to configure and download your world
  • Support directly from the developers, through our support ticket system

Your own server dashboard
Upon purchase, you get access to a server dashboard right inside your game, from there you can start/stop the server as well as change various setting and update the server should a new version of the game come out.

dashboard.thumb.jpg.87f4154fd48d2f9fa30fec9d82a87ac4.jpg  dashboard-settings.thumb.jpg.337d11e4f605230895078ef2d6c665ec.jpg


Are there free alternatives?
Yes, you can host a server yourself or through other services, which however require some level of technical skill, see our page on server hosting for further information.
Alternatively you can also join many of the free servers, hosted by other players.

Where are the servers located?
Currently we only provide servers located in central europe.

What happens when my server time expires?
Your server will be stopped and frozen. You can still download your world for 180 days after expiration, or buy more server time to continue playing.

Can I upload my own world? Can I add mods?
Not currently, but we hope to add support for both eventually.

Can I get more player slots?
Yes, after purchase of the 8 slot server, you can get the 16-slot upgrade, which costs 18 USD/EUR monthly in total.

Product Reviews


   35 of 35 members found this review helpful 35 / 35 members

It really doesn't get any simpler than this. If you enjoy the vanilla experience and have a handful of friends you want to play with, this is the hosting service for you. The hosting GUI is easy to work with, the latency is good, and if there's a problem? There's all the help you might need on the Vintage Story discord. I've been using the service to play with a friend for months now, and it's been reliable and lovely. Thank you, VS team ❤️


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Julius van Vern

   20 of 20 members found this review helpful 20 / 20 members

I was allowed to test the server offer as part of a project. I was excited about how easy and uncomplicated it is to create a server. If you want to explore the world of Vintage Story with a handful of friends, you are in good hands with this offer. I can definitely recommend it.

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   15 of 15 members found this review helpful 15 / 15 members

Englisch: It´s a really good and creativ game, and has many specials that makes the game different to Minecraft. I really love that game sometimes it´s a little bit to hard for me from the difficulty, but you can make in the world settings it easier. The Server system is very good and better than other Hosting server sites, because you can easily choose what you like and how difficult it should be. Attention you must make the Settings before you start the server to load a world.  All in all a good game that makes really fun, especially with friends.

German: Es ist ein super gutes und Creatives Videospiel, es hat einige Besonderheiten gegenüber Minecraft, was es eindeutig davon unterscheidet. Ich liebe das spiel, aber manchmal ist es mir ein wenig zu schwer, aber durch die Welten Einstellungen kannst du es deutlich leichter machen. Das Server System hier zum kaufen ist sehr gut und besser als andere Server Hoster Seiten, weil du hier deinen Server direkt im Launcher starten und stoppen kannst so wie leicht die ganzen Einstellungen vornehmen kannst, wie schwer du deine Welt haben möchtest dies geht aber nur bevor man die Welt erstellt hat ganz wichtig. Im großen und ganzen ein gutes Spiel was viel spaß machen kann, besonders mit freunden.

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Ismail Prada

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Very convenient and fairly priced imo, no problems encountered yet, but I wish it was possible to play with mods on these. If any dev reads this, do you have an ETA for that?

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   43 of 44 members found this review helpful 43 / 44 members

Pretty nice to have an official hosting service that is much more convenient than the alternatives.

Would like to see mod support and options for more slots in the future.

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Nathan Barrios-Roe

   4 of 5 members found this review helpful 4 / 5 members

Needs mod support for full functionality, but as it stands this is the easiest way to play with your friends. It's zero effort to get going and works right out of the box. 

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   4 of 5 members found this review helpful 4 / 5 members

works very easy basicly plug and play if you looking for something to play with your friends then buy copy paste host name and play took me arround 1minute from buying to playing :) sadly mods dont work which is kinda stupid i beg the devs to add some way to add mods to the server.

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   3 of 9 members found this review helpful 3 / 9 members

this is the best game i have played but those are the worst servers i used sorry +rep for the game big L for the server

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Evann Jny

   1 of 3 members found this review helpful 1 / 3 members
I find it good to have made servers available to play with these friends simply the only problem I find is that adding mods is very difficult or impossible even though it is one of the main assets of this game except that the server works very well
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Despite being in America on a very... Questionable internet Connection, things are very enjoyable and there are no major latency issues.

Service was simple to sign-up for and simple to manage.

Very happy with the purchase so far, the game is so deep that I don't need mods, not to enjoy it as I do with friends.

It's very fun!

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