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  1. Thanks a lot. The Big Shovel is very nice
  2. I support and welcome this request.
  3. In this spotlight you can see what the players have built on our server.
  4. I talk to Tyron about the Vintage Story team, the future and the roadmap. You'll learn some personal things about the developer and get an idea of where Vintage Story's journey is heading. The video is in German with self created English subtitles. Thanks for Watching.
  5. Hey. First of all, thanks for the mod. We had to start the server once without mods. After that we started the server again with mods, but only a part of the shops still work. Can you tell me where it is? Where is the information for a shop stored and can a shop be deleted with a command?
  6. Wow, that's a really cool idea.
  7. Thank you vor this mod. It will helps to exchange items between player on our VS-Server https://discord.gg/ENuvDhE
  8. That's really cool. Thanks for that mod.
  9. It's really cool that you can make something else out of dough besides bread. Thanks for the mod
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