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  • Facial hotfix (v1.4.9.2)


    Version, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

    Looks like is pretty stable, so this version contains mostly minor bug fixes. I'll be bold and declare this as a stable release. Many thanks to @copygirl and @skol for providing me with several fixes for the Linux version.

    Game updates

    • Feature: Can now sneak + right click fuel and cookable items into the firepit without opening the firepit dialog
    • Feature: The saw can no be used to break logs like the axe, but won't break the whole tree
    • Tweak: In the 3rd person camera the body now lags behind the camera rotation which looks much nicer
    • Tweak: Added commandline argument --dataPath
    • Tweak: Doubled the time it takes before the char coal pit starts burning, thus doubling the time you can have to close it up (from 15 to 30 seconds)
    • Tweak: Disabled creature reproduction if any nearby chunks are unloaded. This might fix the massive uncontrollable creature reproduction that sometimes happens.
    • Tweak: Large kapok trees now have 2x2 size trunks instead of 1x1
    • Fixed: Updated OpenTK Library to latest version, might fix some linux mouse issues (copygirl)
    • Fixed: Fixed install.sh and server.sh (skol)
    • Fixed: Filled Sword molds not returning anything
    • Fixed: Mega screenshot hotkey (ctrl+alt+f12) not working
    • Fixed: Setting a new hotkey in the controls doing weird stuff if one of the keys was assigned already
    • Fixed: Sitting down not synced to the server, making it believe the player was still standing
    • Fixed: Knapping sounds not exactly playing where the knapping happens
    • Fixed: FPS graph displaying wrong values because it was offseted by 20 pixels vertically
    • Fixed: Wolves suffocating when walking into 1 block high gaps
    • Fixed: Firepit model not updating properly on extinction/ignition
    • Fixed: Player able to place the first stage of a firepit in mid-air
    • Fixed: Player sitting animation not easing out
    • Fixed: Player walk animation not playing when pressing the sit key while walking
    • Fixed: Firewood piles in underground structures dropping quartz instead of firewood
    • Fixed: Ladder placing behaving unexpectedly (when placing at a steep angle or when trying to stack vertically on the first ladder piece with a ground in front)
    • Fixed: Shadows not dropping on water surfaces
    • Fixed: Rare crash bug that can crash the server when overloaded
    • Fixed: Chat dialog swallowing first key if remapped to Enter key

    Wiki Updates

    • Added a page to help you with version upgrade world incompatbilities (Updating Old Worlds)
    • Added all new recipes from 1.4.9
    • Added some important notes to the fire pit and surface ores to the starter guide

    Edited by Tyron


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