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    Improved Clayforming and Bugfixes (v1.4.5.2)


    Artisan Vintarians
    Version, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

    Thanks to the testers @Saraty and @redram I think it is safe to declare as stable. Beyond bug fixes we've been preparing the engine for a more consistent clay forming experience and some groundwork for the upcoming underground structures has been also added.

    Game updates

    • Feature: Improved clayforming
      • Now plays a satisfying sound when placing/removing voxels
      • Easier to add new voxels, one no longer needs to attach to existing voxel. Placing them directly on the green outline works as well now
      • Ability to duplicate a layer with a 4th game mode. This will allow realistic size clay forming recipes (i.e. the planter) without making these recipes super tedious in a future update
      • Fixed minor render bug 
      • Rotated ingot mold recipe to be consistent with the final product
    • Tweak: New version notification now shows the available version number and "click to download" hint
    • Tweak: Whole tree chopping now consumes less durability and fixed some weird issues with it
    • Tweak: Improved commands /time set and /time add.
      • /time set now only alters the time of day instead of the whole date. The colon may be omitted now (:)
      • /time add allows larger ranges than 24 hours. The colon may be omitted now (:)
    • Fixed: Mod asset loading was broken
    • Fixed: Logs no longer burnable
    • Fixed: Log item names broken
    • Fixed: Lag spike issues when placing or removing items in the firepit smelting slots
    • Fixed: Sign blocks had wrong collision/selection boxes
    • Fixed: Charcoal pile again not dropping enough charcoal
    • Fixed: Sign texts starting to glow when liquid metal is poured into a mold on some machines
    • Fixed: Firepit block state no longer switching between lit<->extinct
    • Fixed: Autosave going haywire if a very large interval is chosen. Can now set to 0 to disable autosave.

    Edited by Tyron

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