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  1. redram

    Windmill facing

    For the purposes of windmills, direction does not matter. You can face it any direction. You can have four windmills facing four different directions, and they will all act the same.
  2. How do you get out of the game? Click until you hit the quit button by chance? Kill the process? Might be good to post your log files. I think server-main is usually the important one.
  3. Can you narrow it down to around a certain version upgrade?
  4. /gamemode 2 for creative, 1 puts you back in survival
  5. Were the sheep totally enclosed in a pitch-black space? Animals will despawn in cave-level darkness. This is in order to get rid of the ones that fall down cave pits.
  6. No, the only way to obtain them is to buy them from another trader (and don't ever put them down, or you won't be able to pick them up again).
  7. Configurable night length is planned, eventually.
  8. Unfortunately no. It's an oversight that recipes cannot accept those patterns. If you're in single player, I'd suggest just using creative mode to trade them in for normal linen. Hopefully this gets fixed some day soon-ish.
  9. As I understand it, the problem is that the game engine fundamentally does not allow anything other than orthogonal collision boxes. If it were as simple as making an invisible sloped collision box, it would have been done ages ago. But allowing this would apparently require a deep re-write of engine code. As I understand it.
  10. That's intended. You couldn't catch them if you caught up to them, there's currently no mechanism for that. You just have to chase them toward where you want them to be. Eventually there will be methods to trap/catch them though.
  11. Yes, if the trough has food in it, and they're within a certain range (10-20 blocks maybe?) they'll move toward it. This is a good way to actually get them into the pen, once you've chase them close to it.
  12. redram


    There are bits of lore in the game that you can find in ruins, that might help a bit with some questions. However there's still a lot more lore to come, so you won't get the full picture. And it's not the kind of thing that we're just going to reveal in a forum post. That'd take the fun out of finding it in-game.
  13. afaik it is a very, very, rare occurrence. I think I've maybe heard it mentioned a couple other times ever.
  14. A bug. You tried reloading? Not sure if Tyron can examine the situation if you give him a world file or anything...
  15. The basic seraph skin is contained under vintagestory/assets/game/textures/entity/humanoid. You can replace that png with your own. Make it a mod if you want it to be persistent across updates, otherwise it will revert every time you update. Be aware, this will only change the look of the seraph for you, not others, and it will change for you the appearance of ALL seraphs. So if you play multiplayer, ALL seraphs will look like that. The game does not support individualized skins for multiplayer yet.
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