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  1. You haven't missed any thread, but the first step to steel is in the works right now, and will be in the next update. It's not exactly what you describe, but does have several elements you seek. This will be just the first path, and the harder path, but at least we will have *a* path.
  2. redram


    Also, the despawn time is 10 minutes. So if the chunk containing your loose items is loaded for over 10 minutes, the items will vanish.
  3. redram

    Sifting Table

    The problem is, people can and do rebind their sprint key to a different button. Sprint key is a very common target of rebinding.
  4. Vintage Story has it's own modeling program, Vintage Story Model Creator (VSMC), which is downloadable from the website. It's based on I think Mr. Crayfish's program for Minecraft. Simple but effective.
  5. Ya, I think the code guys are on the trail of this one. I'm going to guess the fix will come with 1.14 probably/hopefully.
  6. Yes the large gear has some issues, it's a known problem. Hopefully it can get fixed soon, but I don't have an eta.
  7. That's weird that it would vary based on sitting vs standing. Is this single player, or multiplayer? And what OS?
  8. redram

    Map Reset

    I wonder if your hard drive is beginning to fail or something? Is the server someone's personal computer? Can they play in a single player world and have it properly remember chunks? Dunno, maybe @Tyron has some idea.
  9. Oh wow, didn't even realize it was possible to cure small pelts. That's definitely a oversight-bug. If you're in single player, I'd suggest going into creative mode (/gamemode 2) and use the 'inventory' to replace the wasted hides. gamemode 1 goes back to survival mode.
  10. ya @Tyron has multi-threaded in a few areas I think (I'm not a coder). He might be able to tell you more.
  11. redram

    Map Reset

    What version of the game are you on, and what OS and how much ram? I've never heard of random chunk resetting, this sounds like a really weird bug.
  12. redram


    If you want peaceful mode, it's also worth mentioning that there are configs for mob aggression, including 'only attacks if you attack first', and totally passive. But ya as far as disabling hunger entirely I'm not sure. @Tyron would know. But there's also creative mode, which definitely disables hunger. But it also changes inventory so maybe that's not what you want.
  13. redram

    World Seed

    Seed only really affects terrain afaik. You'll get the same terrain generation, and same stone layers, and also I think the same ore maps. Everything else is random I think. So ruins will be different, traders will be different, even individual trees, crops patches, etc will be different, I think. Specific ore veins will be different, but I think the general per-mille densities that the first propick mode detects should remain in the same spots. This is my impression.
  14. redram

    Sifting Table

    With the bucket, hold sprint and right click, I think it is. You have to target a solid side that is adjacent to the block to be filled. And sometimes it can be a bit finicky.
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