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  1. iirc there actually is also a texture for 'mixed grains'. Not mixed vegetables yet though, afaik.
  2. You can already do that, just crouch and right click with the torch, same way you light a bloomery or anything else with a torch. It only works on combustible blocks of course. And it's not always obvious what's going on, since VS uses a particle system to represent fire, rather than a more obvious flame sprite.
  3. That sounds like that's probably working ok then. As long as they don't work with any 'void' facing into the pit. Wasn't aware it was the case, but sounds fine.
  4. That should definitely not be the case. Any block of any type that is not a full block should make the charcoal pit fail. Chiseled or not.
  5. Yes, see the wiki page: https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=List_of_server_commands#World_Control. You will have to close the world and open it again for the settings changes to take effect. In most cases they won't be retroactive to old chunks and old items.
  6. Not sure on the translocator end, but there are definitely "teleporter" blocks that you can do that with. They are specifically for the purpose of admins creating specific teleportation paths. As opposed to the randomness of translocators.
  7. redram


    As Streetwind mentioned, always best to check the handbook to find what stones a given ore spawns in. Borax only spawns in sedimentary stone types, and basalt is *not* sedimentary. however, there could be sedimentary layers underneath the basalt, potentially...
  8. redram

    Dark guard armor

    It's extremely rare ruin loot. I'm not entirely sure how rare, but I think *extremely*.
  9. The problem is not that the door model happens to depict a window. The problem, as I understand it, is that recognizing 'your house' is extremely cost prohibitive for the processor. Right now Tyron has been placing a limit of 'discreet spaces' being a 7 block cube (cellar, greenhouse). He's hoping to maybe optimize that at some point, but still, space calculations - especially non-cubic ones - are expensive. And chiseling can play havoc.
  10. The lore parts of the game have frankly been barely touched upon. The focus to this point has been mainly on getting the 'nuts and bolts' of survival, combat, crafting, and mechanical systems. Temporal storms as they exist are just a simple shadow of what they're intended to be. Not to mention all the other lore related things that aren't even in the game yet. Remember that this game is still in early access, and even though to many it seems fleshed out enough to be an actual full game, it is in fact still very early. It's a very, very small team, and we can't add things at the same spee
  11. iirc, they can be found in the vanilla game as very rare ruin loot. But cannot be crafted.
  12. It's already the case that you have to have a minimum satiation level to heal, iirc. But yes, the long term plan is for poultices to heal over time, rather than instantly. Healing tends to progress in baby steps. It used to be that vegetables and berries healed you, just by eating them. Then vegetables were dropped, about the time honey came in and healed you, iirc. Then berries were dropped, I think around a year ago. And I forget it honey still does or not. But it's kind of a long slow progression of getting more and more detailed. Hopefully the homesteading update will finally
  13. Moreover, there is already a game menu config option to disable temporal storms and temporal instability entirely. It would be fairly trivial to remove the 'unreal' mobs via mod, as well, and I'd imagine something like that will pop up on the mod scene eventually. The gameplay balance (in terms of incentive to advance in tech) will get out of whack though - You don't really need anything higher than iron or even bronze to dominate wolves.
  14. In areas of soft stone (sedimentary) top layer, you may also occasionally see flint in stone in cliffs and caves. You can mine these flint blocks with just your bare hands, to get the flint out of them.
  15. It is planned, yes. Not sure when.
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