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  1. @Aira You'll want to search the handbook for "sails", "axle", "gears", and "rotor". Those are the four parts you need. You have to apply the sails in groups of 4 to the rotor (I think you can only craft them in groups of 4 anyway maybe). It would definitely be nice if they all shared a common hidden keyword in the handbook, like 'windmill' or something. Rather than having to search them up individually. I believe the gears have to be flanked by axles that are supported by something solid, iirc. So you can't just make a freestanding windmill of nothing but the parts. They need at least a bit of support.
  2. You're in luck on these two, as it's planned to add seasons and (I think) weather in the next update. Armor was added in the most recent update (1.11) so if you're on that update, you can make armor. Stronger versions of drifters and locusts were also added, though I understand you might be talking about diffent types of stronger enemies. We're getting there at least.
  3. No, currently rope has no use. It's just in assets waiting for a use.
  4. I think the current lack is less a practical matter, and more that the devs didn't want them at this point. Tyron appears to be putting the finishing touches on the playstyles and customization right now, for the 1.11 update. So as I understand it, there will be a couple game modes that probably won't have them, because they're less about survival, but there will then be a "wilderness survival" mode, which will have them, as that mode is focused more on survival aspects of gameplay. That's my understanding anyway.
  5. I guess you know about the peaceful mod, since I think you posted in that topic, but apparently it doesn't work with current version? I can tell you that judging from the devlogs, the next major version of the game looks like it will have an integrated config for peaceful mode. Can't help you with current version though.
  6. Wow that sounds like some seriously bad luck Rhyagelle. There's not a whole lot of point in looking for exposed copper before you have your first tools, since you can't mine it. But that's one nice thing about looking for surface nuggets, you'll get a good idea of what's around you, you'll maybe find ruins with vessels, wild crops, etc. One thing about looking for nuggets, I usually don't bother in areas with tall grass. Tall grass makes it difficult.
  7. @Klaymeench Your first copper can be found one of 3 ways: 1) in ORE loot vessels, found in ruins (not forage, food, etc vessels) 2) pan for copper nuggets using a pan. You need to stand in water, and use the pan on sand/gravel blocks OUTSIDE the water. If the blocks are touching water they'll vanish. 3) look for surface nuggets lying around on top of the ground. NOTE that these nuggets indicate copper ore in the stone close underneath the surface (maybe 2-3 blocks below the top of the stone layer). Make sure to WAYPOINT these locations before taking the nuggets (waypoint add color name). "color" can be just a verbal like 'red', 'blue', 'grey' etc. These waypoints only show up on the main map, and minimap, not in-world.
  8. Metal tiers in theory is an arms race. Higher tier armor has greater damage reduction, but higher tier weapons have greater damage. I don't think there's any reason to give higher metals a bonus *against* armor. The bonus is simply that they do more damage. If you're speaking in terms of the op's original idea that weapons do the same damage at all tiers, Why would they do more damage against an armored opponent than an unarmored one? There's no logical justification for that, and in terms of gameplay I think there's better ways to handle it. Now, you could have some types of armor reduce the damage of blunt weapons *less*. That's kind of like a bonus to blunt weapons, but it's done via the armor. This is what TFC did. It can work, and it can sort or make sense. Or at least serve a gameplay purpose.
  9. redram

    My Survival Hamlet

    Looking nice! Could use some paths maybe, and plants, to give some 'texture' to the in-between-buildings' areas?
  10. I refer you to this update: Obviously there can always be more, but we do have a few already. As for skin customization, I too hope we'll have that someday. With the recent addition of sub-parenting parts, it would seem like it'd now be possible to add a lot of different hairstyles at least, for player customization.
  11. Realistically speaking a blunt weapon would be the least damaged of all weapons. They're more durable, hence my suggestion earlier. Bypassing armor more effectively is also not very realistic for blunt weapons, imo. I think they would have been the least effective at that. I think historically their main advantage was that they were easy and cheap to make, and probably took a lot less skill to use that most other weapons, I'd imagine. Both features kind of hard to translate into VS without some major changes to manufacture of bladed weapons. Now I'll be the first to say gameplay>realism/believability, but I think we can have both in this case.
  12. I like they way you're thinking Theishiopian. I myself was proposing a 'tier vs tier' system where the damage reduction depended on the relative tiers of the weapon and the armor. part of that system was that a given weapon type does the same base damage for all metals. But the amount that gets through depends on whether the targeted armor is lower or higher in tier. I ran some numbers on it though and I don't think it's necessarily good for primary damage reduction. It'd still work for some secondary factors. The level weapon damage is probably great for a fighting game, but I'd say VS is more about tiering up in metal, and it'll help if the systems support that. I'm not sure if durability alone would be enough or not. I think it would be good if there were still some tier vs. tier effects - but not the primary reduction. For instance, attacking a higher tier armor could degrade the weapon faster. If the tiers are the same, 1:1. If the armor is one tier higher, maybe the weapon loses twice the durability it would have. two tiers higher? 4x, etc. In that fashion your weapon swiftly will break if you're constantly using it against higher tier armored opponents. The converse might also be true of course; armor that is lower tier than the attacking weapon might take extra damage. One must keep in mind though that mobs do not have the same concerns as players, so having it work in reverse may not really be good. There's other ways to bring the tiers into play as well. Part of what plays into that though is what kind of enemy gradient the game gets. Animals would all be pretty low tier, so no real incentive to tier up beyond copper, aside form straight durability. It's still not clear to me how the enemy difficulty curve will work, and how necessary it will be to climb it. As for sharpening, you're quite correct that it doesn't make sense for blunt weapons. That's why in the original proposals I suggested to have 'weapon repair kits', not "sharpening" stones. Keep it generic. However I could also see it perhaps working such that sharpening your weapon gives it X bonus damage for Y hits. Like maybe .5 extra damage for 20 hits. But there's a trade-off, in that you degrade the durability of the weapon when you do that. In this way sharpening becomes an optional bonus task, not an annoying maintenance nuisance. And moreover, the fact that blunt weapons can't be sharpened isn't that big a deal. Because sharpening also has a drawback. You could have a portable sharpening stone which damages the weapon a lot, and a non-portable grindstone that damages it less. Blunt weapons might make up for the non-sharpen-ability by having more durability overall vs edged weapons. You'd perhaps only sharpen your weapon when you're going to fight a boss mob or something, not for fighting common wolves and such. Framing it as a bonus enhancement, rather than a chore to avoid penalties, could make it tolerable I think.
  13. Stamina in relation to running might be a lot more tolerable if we had horses.
  14. @Anthony Mooney Also you don't need the stone hoe mod. Stone hoes are in vanilla now.
  15. I'm not sure I'm so into breath being used for anything other than suffocating. Stamina I'm totally behind, and would add physical tasks like smithing and combat to the list of things that use it.
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