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  1. @Peter Berry Most likely hares, because they spawn on grass blocks (which you have right besides your garden).
  2. Saraty

    Beginner Here

    Cob is a cheap building material for starters, it consists of cut grass and dirt (the crafting recipe should be in wiki).
  3. Saraty

    Giant Chess Set

    holy mother of god, this looks incredible, so much creativity!!! Pawns and rook look especially good! Maybe someday in future this will be a set I can order in amazon for Christmas?
  4. yea, stainless and maraging steel.
  5. Thank you so much for detailed feedback on 1.7. I pretty much agree to every single point you described! ? ps: I am slowly converting to 3D models for all the flat item textures that currently exist, but it's going to take a *long* while!
  6. It changed due to the remake from flat texture to 3d model. Eventually I would like to have a model for each single item in game.
  7. @ToAsgaard made a really good tutorial video where he explains the prospecting in all detail! ?
  8. Saraty

    Balance Survey

    Is there anything you find frustrating? - Current drifter spawning mechanic and frequency makes them very annoying. I see them as very low thread mobs that require a constant sword swinging. For me personally, they fail the task that they were designed for, which is to scare me. - Encouraged / low effort animal killing. I live besides temperate plains where tons of wild boars and sheep are spawning on regular basis. One round of killing leaves me with few stacks of meat and I don't need to worry about food for a long time. Works really well with hyenas too once I've mastered my tactics. So, looking forward the day, where animal killing becomes meaningful (more complex AI + butchering mechanics), takes a *lot* more effort, but therefore provides player with adequate rewards. How often do you find dungeons/lore? After last tweak was done, I've found decent amount of dungeons. I've got one and a half chest filled with lore. Approximately half a chest I left behind in ruins for other players to find. How do you feel about food? - The scarcity of food is largely determined by the climate that player spawns in. A lack of better animal AI makes food hacks possible. One example would be to take two dirt blocks and a stick, find a wolf swarm, then pile up 2 blocks, sit down, relax and kill. - Veggie balance seems ok right now. I find farming a bit too grindy for my taste, and so I'm gladly trading them in for ores in multiplayer. Wolves still got you down? Nope. At what point do you feel like you no longer have to worry about surviving? Considering the gazillion times I've started a new world for testing... Pretty much right at the beginning! Any other complaints? Haha, yea... I complain every day about the lack of features and incomplete mechanics! ?
  9. If, then not just a system alone, but also mechanics to support it (for example transport options for heavy stuff). Basically it's already completely unrealistic if player is able to carry a single cubic meter of pure rock in his inventory. But that is probably another topic.
  10. I think we can try and achieve a very nice balance between realism and fun progression based cooking mechanics. I'm kinda hooked on idea about clay -> copper -> iron kitchen pots, because each of them could fulfil their niche into progression tier realism and gameplay wise. Clay pots: + vast amounts of material avaliavbe + early cooking - low in durability - no heat bonus Copper pots: + heat bonus + good looking - middle durability - harder to get material Iron pots: + durability can be restored / no durability - no heat bonus - expensive material
  11. Could a flat piece of stone become a cooking surface for primitive cooking before clay pot? Such stone could be made using knapping mechanic or / in addition they could be found lying around just like any other loose stone but more rare. A single flat piece of bread could be baked on it before player has gathered enough clay to progress to the oven. Flat bread would be smaller in size and less nutritious. Single fish and piece of meat could also be fried on the stone. But not entirely sure is there any advantage over hanged fish or meat?
  12. Nice, I was looking forward this post! I think I favour size to be the main tool in determining how much food fits inside. It's more believable, gives a visual clue of what to expect, but also has a major downside - why would anyone ever make a small pot if you can go straight to big one that cooks three times the amount of meals? Durability sounds good to me when it comes to clay pots. Although, in rl they kinda last forever compared to quite some new, shiny, now-day kitchen gear (lol) let's assume clay breaks after x amount of uses so there is a reason to progress to metal. Now I see little need for bronze tier kitchen gear because I'm not really sure what the advantages are compared to copper or iron. I do like the idea of copper pots to cook your meal faster. Let's assume higher tier metal does not increase the size of the servings - what would be the driving force for me to move to iron pots compared to copper? Would bronze age brick stove be 1 or multi block structure? If it's one block, then looks like I could reuse / tweak the stove I made already made with exchanging the plating from iron to bronze.
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