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  1. @Arsat Commodity and survival goods trader sells lime. If it's still extremely frustrating, we can also think of world config where a player could increase the spawn of lime bearing rocks or have a deposits.
  2. That's one good looking farm there!
  3. Yes! This peat pile model is waiting implementation ^.^
  4. Ja sicher! ^.^ hast Du alles was Du brauchst in der link gefunden?
  5. @Peter Berry Most likely hares, because they spawn on grass blocks (which you have right besides your garden).
  6. Saraty

    Beginner Here

    Cob is a cheap building material for starters, it consists of cut grass and dirt (the crafting recipe should be in wiki).
  7. Saraty

    Giant Chess Set

    holy mother of god, this looks incredible, so much creativity!!! Pawns and rook look especially good! Maybe someday in future this will be a set I can order in amazon for Christmas?
  8. yea, stainless and maraging steel.
  9. Thank you so much for detailed feedback on 1.7. I pretty much agree to every single point you described! ? ps: I am slowly converting to 3D models for all the flat item textures that currently exist, but it's going to take a *long* while!
  10. It changed due to the remake from flat texture to 3d model. Eventually I would like to have a model for each single item in game.
  11. @ToAsgaard made a really good tutorial video where he explains the prospecting in all detail! ?
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