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  • Polishing the ironed out Iron Age (v1.4.6.2)


    Version, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.
    I was not prepared for the brunt testing force called InsommniaKitten. So here's another big list of fixes and some low-impact (engine wise) tweaks :D

    By the way, here's some random statistics I was curious about - on how many days I was actively programming on the game. I took the git commit logs to check whether I checked in new code as a rough measure for that: http://files.tyron.at/perm/tyron-activity.html
    What you don't see in the graph are the times I was programmming but not checking in anything or working on anything else not related to the games source code, like videos, the website, the wiki, the authentication servers or answering questions of the team and community.

    Game updates

    • Feature: Added ability to set the game window border to fixed or borderless in the graphics settings (for @copygirl <3)
    • Tweak: Ladders now require support by any block or the whole stack of ladders will break
    • Tweak: Hitting cancel when generating a new world will now stop the server much faster
    • Tweak: Kapok now yields only 2 firewood
    • Tweak: Doubled occurence of bismuth deposits, whereas Iron, coal and deep copper deposits are less common now. Added super rare but massive cassiterite deposits. Some other minor deposit tweaks.
    • Tweak: Doubled durability for hammers
    • Tweak: Added a 15-30 minute cooldown on music tracks which should give other tracks the opportunity to play instead which before were probably never selected.
    • Tweak: Improved linux installer script by @skol
    • Tweak: Player now stands up when trying to walk while sitting
    • Tweak: Larger font for Itemstack sizes
    • Tweak: Smithing crafting outline more visible
    • Tweak: (off by default, but the game can now auto-pause when you task out. Set pauseGameOnLostFocus to true in clientconfig.json before starting the game)
    • Tweak: Disabled jumping in water, it's not supposed to be there anyway, imo
    • Fixed: Unable join mulitplayer servers when previously a singleplayer world was loaded
    • Fixed: Game rarely crashing when chunks with creatures in them are loaded (related to animation)
    • Fixed: Torch burnout and Reed regrowth occring after 24 ingame hours instead of 3 days and 7 days respectively.
    • Fixed: Firewood piles able to overwrite blocks that it shouldn't
    • Fixed: Auth server verification during game startup now guaranteed to give up after 10 seconds. Used to be up to 90 seconds
    • Fixed: Block entity exceptions during initialize hard crashing the game client. Now just logged.
    • Fixed: Search results in creative inventory not updated when switching tabs
    • Fixed: Blockbreaking overlay completely black when dynamic lights are set to 0
    • Fixed: Block placing sound jumping between left/right speaker while strafing
    • Fixed: Block Info Hud flicker when breaking/placing blocks
    • Fixed: Vines not breaking properly when they lost support
    • Fixed: Itemstack tooltips sometimes clipping outside the game window
    • Fixed: Able to attach a floating berry bush on a ripe berry bush
    • Fixed: WorldEdit Gui labels breaking into multiple lines on gui scale 7
    • Fixed Leather block break sound not using leather sound, changed brick place sound
    • Fixed: Bamboo, Sapling, Painting and Iron door Selection/Collisionbox incorrect
    • Fixed: Wrong name and pick block for sideways logs and several other blocks
    • Fixed: Berry bush block breaking particles gray instead of green
    • Fixed: Itemstack Tool tip boxes not tightly fitting its contents

    Edited by Tyron


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