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  • Wintery Stability Patch (v1.14.6 & 1.14.7)


    Dear Wintery Community
    v1.14.6, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    [Edit:] Also release v1.14.7 because I messed up the release process. Forgot to recompile 😅

    Screenshot/Build by Monahven#1085

    Game updates since v1.14.6

    • All the changes in v1.14.6-rc.1
    • Tweak: Raised steel tool durability one more time (from 2x iron to 2.5x iron). Slightly higher mining speed for the steel Pickaxe as well
    • Tweak: Butterflies stuck in water act more naturally
    • Tweak: Placing coal in a forge is now more satisfying
    • Tweak: Temporal storm length can now be changed through the customize world screen or via /worldconfig
    • Tweak: Helve hammer toggle notch orientation now always match rotation sense
    • Tweak: Helve hammer drawn better matched to the position of the toggle notch
    • Fixed: Snow covered chiseled blocks not exposed to the sky got deleted when the snow melted
    • Fixed: Lag spikes when Smithing on a rotated work item
    • Fixed: Player Shivering and Freezing instantly in a newly spawned world
    • Fixed: Wrong UVs on trader mask
    • Fixed: World edit mirror tool did not correctly mirror chiseled blocks
    • Fixed: Forges did not provide warmth
    • Fixed: When trading, shift-clicking rusty gears in player inventory no longer transfers them to the Trader for free!
    • Fixed: Should fix main menu screen going black sometimes
    • Fixed: Water wave motion was being applied even to underwater vertices of water blocks
    • v1.14.6 related changes
      • Tweak: Open doors no longer count as exits (as it breaks rooms!) but do retain less heat
      • Fixed: Lake Ice adjacent to Glacier Ice now renders properly again
      • Fixed: Coopers Reeds and other random rotating JSONs too dark with SSAO on
      • Fixed: Berry bush, Water lily and Barrel Cactus having random draw offsets 
    • Api Tweak: GenDeposits.chunkRange is now a public field for VeryGoodDog
    • Api Tweak: Modmaker now can also compare with rc versions of the game

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