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Shinglefix (v1.9.13, v1.9.14)


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Dear community,
Version 1.9.13, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

[Edit:] Also released v1.9.14 to fix tool molds no longer working properly.

This is a minor update that's just above the threshold of worth releasing. Mostly to fix/improve some very specific corner cases. No need to install if you're not affected by the changes.

In other news, progress on version 1.10 has been decent! Since the last blog post lots of cool new stuff has been added, such as the concept of cellars for preserving food, the static translocators that you could already find in v1.9 are now repairable and colored light sources can now be acquired in survival mode by applying colored glass to lanterns

Screenshot by @Eypsilon

Game updates

  • Tweak: Undo one performance optimization from 1.9.12, only report I got is that it caused intermittent lag for two players
  • Fixed: A minor privilege escalation issue on multiplayer servers. Nothing world-breaking but would annoy other players if not fixed. I recommend server owners to update to this version.
  • Fixed: Game crashing when right clicking with chisel in hands while not looking at a block
  • Fixed: Chiseled blocks were not reinforcable

API Updates

  • Feature: Tool molds can now have multiple drops
  • Fixed: Game crashing when using shape: { voxelizeTexture: true } on block types
  • Fixed: Error reporter just rendering a black square when there were too many log lines, now capped at 180 lines

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