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Crafting, World Edit and Client Mod API (v1.0.10)


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Crafty Vintarians!
Presenting today: New Survival, Creative and Modding Features

As always we continue to add new features at breakneck speed.  Version 1.0.10 is now available for download in the account manager.
The world edit documentation is updated to reflect the latest additions.


  • Feature: Basic Survival Crafting is now complete! The first recipes are added too (Planks, Torch, Stone Pickaxe, Stone Axe, Stone Shovel, Planks Stairs, Planks Slab, Door, Fence, Fence Gate, Chest, Ladder, Sign)
  • Feature: Massive WorldEdit Additions
    • New Tool: Grow/Shrink - allows for three dimensional growing or shrinking of an area, layer by layer. Has 2 modes: Grow/Shrink any blocks or only selected blcoks
    • New Tool: Eraser - formerly integrated in the paint brush tool now separate to allow for greater functionality. Basically does the inverse as the paint brush tool.
    • New Tool: Line - draws lines between points. Has 2 modes: Line strip or single origin
    • Paint Brush Overhaul: Can now select width/height and length of a brush shape. Added 8 new shapes: Cuboid, Cylinder, Half ball up/down/north/east/south/west
    • Air Brush Overhaul: Now behaves more like an traditional air brush. Has 2 draw modes and 2 apply modes.
    • New Brush Positioning mode: Can now select between Centering or Attaching the brushes shape to the selected block)Added replace modes to the import tool: The Import tool now no longer places blocks with a higher replacable value than the existing blocks. Can change this behavior with place modes 0 (replacable check),1 (only replace air) or 2 (replace everything)
    • Added Ability to (vertically) flip block data (for the import command, the paste command or the import tool)
    • Added Ability to copy and paste a selected area (previously required an extra step with export then import) 
    • All tools that allow defining a radius now have 2 additional commands to grow/shrink the radius by +1 or -1
  • Feature: The game now also supports client side mods! Any mod can now define if it should be loaded on the server side, the client side or both. A fairly extensive Client API is also already available (including full world access and a render api)
  • Feature: Flowing Water now does basic path finding within a 3 blocks radius to search for a single downward path instead of spreading everywhere.
  • Feature: Added ColorByBlock property to block particles to take on the color of the blocks texture (from a random position)
  • Tweak: Much improved rendering of held items (finally fixed misaligned faces + added shadings)
  • Tweak: Increased client block ticking scanning range and speed (e.g. causes blocks to emit particles from 8 blocks further away)
  • Tweak: Doubled mining speeds for all tools
  • Tweak: Flowers and Mushrooms now break instantly in survival
  • Tweak: Improved offline mode experience: 'Offline Mode' Text no longer clipped and added second counter while trying to validate session
  • Tweak: Itemstack quantities now more visible
  • Tweak: Active Slot Info Text now also shows whenever the active slot is modified
  • Fixed: Maybe fixed the IndexOutOfRangeException-Crash that randomly occurs
  • Fixed: Water in some cases removing blocks that it shouldn't
  • Fixed: Several rendering glitches with water
  • Fixed: All held items were mirrored
  • Fixed: Game no longer crashes without internet access
  • Fixed: Player picking up items in survival despite full inventory


New Brush Positioning mode

New Paint Brush Shapes

New Grow/Shrink Tool (adds/removes layers of blocks)

New Line Tool

Overhauled Air Brush Tool

The first house ever built entirely in Survival mode \o/

Improved Held Item Rendering

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