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partially worked iron bloom problem - one piece is missing


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I really like how elaborate the smithing is.

I was processing iron bloom into an iron ingot. I had it almost completely finished, I just had to remove 3 extra parts. I remove them and suddenly I see that the place where the missing piece is is shining green.
Okay, I guess I screwed up. I don't care how it happened.

What am I dealing with?
1. a bit of nonsense
2. I don't see how to solve it further

1. Meaninglessness
I have almost a whole ingot with only one single piece missing. When I forge, I have at least 3 parts left and for some things (like a knife) even more than 50% of the ingot!

That is also on request. Why can't I make 2 knives at blacksmithing like for example with flint.

However, why can't I use a heated piece of iron directly to forge an object? Why does the ingot have to be there? Why does it even have to be 100% ingot even though I still don't miss the one part for making, for example, a scythe.

=> it would solve this situation by not requiring 100% ingot.

2. I don't know how to solve it further

  • I can't forge an object directly from it
  • I can't use a chisel (bronze) on that piece to make it into pieces
    • he would have heated the pieces in the furnace and combined them into one ingot (similar to how two ingots are joined into a sheet)
    • or he had the pieces melted in a furnace so that I would have a new lump of iron, which I then have to work into an ingot
  • I can't even put the whole work-in-progress lump of iron into the furnace


I really don't know how to proceed.

Does the game even consider such a situation?


PS: (google translate :) )


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