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  1. Just like IRL. I would collect maple seeds as child and throw them into the air as high as I could just to watch their wonderfully slow descent to the ground. btw: I STILL love watching maple seeds fall 45+ years later.
  2. All critters (except maybe drifters) will run away when their health crosses a threshold. Wolves that run may come back to haunt you later.
  3. I like challenges, so don't like to modify the default settings. Only settings I have changed are in assisting me as I learn the game, or delete things that are just unfun (looking at you temporal storms). Only on my second playthrough (about 100 hours of playtime total) I finally built my windmill and helve hammer. Got my pulverizer connected but haven't done anything with it yet. Once I'm done learning the mechanics in this playthrough I'll start my "for real" game where my HP won't be boosted.
  4. Perhaps kill the hens while their chicks are growing? I haven't bothered with chickens yet, so I don't have any experience.
  5. Currently there doesn't seem to be a way to speed up panning nor mods that do the same. I would love to see a mod that provides a shaker box, perhaps an option to automate the shaker box with a toggle setup, and a sluice.
  6. Perhaps there's other activities you can engage in while waiting for the kiln to finish cooking? Things like looking for crops, digging out some nearby copper, or chopping nearby trees for wood to turn into charcoal?
  7. I got really lucky. Had to jog out about 2,000 blocks to get bees and stumbled across a single sulfur nugget on the surface. Dug down and found a node of that provided almost 2.5 stacks of sulfur. Now I just need to find that black coal and do some caving.
  8. I concur, since sulfur tends to be pretty rare in my experience. Saltpeter tends to form fairly commonly in deeper caves making it a pain to gather, but not rare. In my two playthroughs I haven't found black coal yet, and sulfur once.
  9. Do I see a rough hewn gate in the last screenshot? If it is, that might be the problem. Try replacing it with a dirt block. It can take a while for the game to recognize a greenhouse. You may want to implement a fix go do something for a bit and come back to see if anything changed.
  10. Just wait until bears are put into the game!
  11. Maelstrom

    Class survey

    I think that should be the basis of the different classes but I don't have an issue with a couple stat modifiers as well, as long as they make sense. Hunter's speed bonus makes sense for instance.
  12. Maelstrom

    Class survey

    I've only played commoner in single player as it didn't make sense to me to select anything other than the jack-of-all-trades option when playing solo (although some comments have encouraged me to explore). I've logged a max of 100 hours in the game and still playing a learning playthrough (just built my very first windmill about 3 play sessions ago), so I haven't taken the time to explore much yet. Given my limited experience and the comments in this thread, I'll venture my opinion about classes... It seems to me that making the commoner the jack-of-all-trades but master of none would be the foundation of the class system. From this base class specialists would branch off with specialists with advanced skill that the Commoner only has basic skill in accomplishing. For example, the Commoner could craft wool or fur clothing for winter providing greater thermal protection than the starting clothing offers but the tailor could craft wool AND fur clothing to provide even greater winter time thermal protection. This top tier clothing could potentially nullify the freezing effects of extended daytime winter exposure but not sufficient to prevent freezing during extended nighttime operations. Or the Commoner (and non-hunter classes) could craft the crude bow and arrow but only the Hunter could craft the more advanced bow. Black Guard could likewise craft superior armor not available to the other professions including Commoner. Perhaps Clockmaker can forge the metal gears (not temporal gears) required to repair TLs (also reduce the availability of those gears to traders and rare frequency in dungeon loot tables). I think this change alone would encourage a more robust population of class use. Any modifiers in numerical things (like boosting/nerfing various stats) would become less emphasized.
  13. Thanks. Looks like I'm gonna have to do some hiking and exploring. Apart from that lone lucky bee's nest, all I really have within a half day run is pine forests. At least I don't have to worry about resin; only have 64 of that and now passing up resin when I find it. [edit] Of course minutes after I post this I find my bee nest only about 750 blocks away from my home in an oak and maple forest (no birch). Common rainfall seems to be a good indicator for moisture.
  14. So I accidently destroyed the wild bee hive near my living quarters and I'm out and about looking for another and having a hard time. I've found them easily in previous playthroughs but not in this one. The wiki gives rainfall range of .35 to .85 condusive to bees. How does that equate to the in-game description for rainfall. I assume almost all the time is above that .85.
  15. I think Chrysander discussed that...
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