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    I don't have any screenshots, but I basically dig to rock layer whenever I see a depression that seems out of place. It's not guaranteed, but I've found good number this way. I'd say I'm about 50% success rate.
  2. There's bandage options that do not involve horsetail already in game.
  3. I'm ok with coal coke as is. I'm thinking of a regular ol' charcoal pit. It would be nice to open and close a charcoal pit with a door instead of digging up dirt all the time.
  4. Sounds good but balloons are subject to being carried where the wind blows. Winds blow in different directions at different altitudes but it wasn't until fairly recently that balloons had the ability to control ascent and descent. Given the technology of VS, hot air balloon rides would likely carry you east and you'd have to walk back. But you'd travel east faster than walking/running.
  5. Does it make sense that iron doors can be used to convert coal into coke and iron into steel, but NOT sufficient in converting firewood into charcoal? I don't think it does either. @Tyron & @redram is there anyway to work this into an upcoming update? Pretty please, with cherries on top??
  6. I would suggest removing the depth and only displaying the rock types in the order they were found.
  7. Mushroom spawning change definitely happened sometime in 1.15. I was playing 1.14.10 and saw forest mushrooms spawning ready to harvest.
  8. Maelstrom

    Class survey

    Like... perhaps... Say the metal parts needed to fix translocators? maybe?
  9. That sucks. On respawn, did you try to flee the rabid wolf pack?
  10. Bowls and crocks of rot can be emptied by throwing them in a water source block. Might work for unspoiled food as well (although I doubt it nor have I tested this method).
  11. Consider that there is effectively 1.5 people coding the game currently.
  12. Have you read the verbiage during game loading? Perhaps think about that as to what's going on with spawn mechanics.
  13. To be honest if you're encountering sawblades with copper or bronze equipment your trying to take on late game monsters with early game equipment. Not surprised you're getting one shotted.
  14. I watch a Youtuber that showed exactly this problem. No matter how long he spent away from his animal pen when he came back one and only one of the sheep (out of 4 or 5) would agro on him. It happened over the course of 3 or 4 game months.
  15. Or be able to adjust the amount of offset.
  16. My experience is that they generate individually on grassy soil regardless of biome (meaning they're very rare in sandy/gravel terrain). I have found quite a few in my world in my search for bauxite covering 10,000 blocks e/w and 7,500 block n/s (if that gives you an indication of how far to travel).
  17. While there can be more than 100 flowers identified by a skep I believe the benefit of additional flowers over 100 is ignored.
  18. Milking ewes less than generation 3 will likely be unsuccessful. Generation 3 and above are domesticated enough to allow successful milking.
  19. Having over 100 doesn't harm repopulation. I have a couple of skep locations that are 107 flowers in range and haven't seen them repopulate slower than skeps with fewer flowers. I believe the cap is 100 though.
  20. That sounds like a bug. I've successfully used barrels for composting quite a bit and haven't had the rot, compost or barrel full of either disappear.
  21. Finally found my bauxite! Only about 5,000 blocks norith/northwest of my home. And bauxite was hiding under all that chert to the south of it! Nine stacks of bauxite rocks later...
  22. Starvation should reduce nutrition, which would automatically reduce max HP and require rebuilding nutrition after death. It's somewhat realistic as well as your body cannibalizes itself until you can eat.
  23. Game mechanics. Skep repopulation happens quicker with more flowers. Max speed is achieved when there's 100 flowers surrounding the skep. Hovering over the skep will indicate how many flowers the skep recognizes.
  24. Troughs take a stack of grass to fill but only 16 grain (iirc). Once you harvest a field of 32 or 64 grain, you'll have enough grain to feed livestock for well beyond the next harvest.
  25. Did the barrel disappear or the composting rot disappear from within the barrel?
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