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RPG Item Rarity


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A mod which adds an RPG item rarity system to tools, weapons, shields, clothes, and armor! Even to other mod items!


Mod Page 
Requirement: Attributer

How it Works:

Any looted, crafted, or purchased items can be "appraised" to get a rarity modifier.
To appraise something, simply use it or drop it on the ground.
(Totally intended feature, not at all a limitation of my implementation)

Currently, there are six possible rarities an item can have:

(50% Chance, 0% Bonus)

(20% Chance, 10% Bonus)

(15% Chance, 20% Bonus)

(10% Chance, 30% Bonus)

(~5% Chance, 40% Bonus)

(~1% Chance, 50% Bonus)

The bonus the rarity applies is applied to some stats of the item:
Durability, Damage, Attack Power, Warmth, and Mining speed just to name a few.

Compatible with most other mods, Including XSkills!

Includes configuration files for changing the rarity chances, the stat bonuses of rarities, and rarity names.
Localized to many languages as well.


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Including requirement mod.
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It works on existing saves, and can safely be added/removed from them as well, albeit with some invisible data left behind only noticeable in debug mode.

I have put out the source code on github for both RPGItemRarity, and its requirement Attributer:

And here is the attributer forum page:


Reserved for future use.


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The mod has been updated to 1.18.x, uploaded to Github (https://github.com/YewYew/RPGItemRarity) alongside it's requirement Attributer (https://github.com/YewYew/Attributer), bugfixed all currently known bugs, and added explicit XSkills/XLib support, alongside configuration options as well. 

As far as I know, the mod should have no incompatibilities or game-breaking bugs. But if they do, feel free to post them wherever and I'll get to them.

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Whenever a person learns via xskills the Blacksmith skill, the rate of getting items that are above common drastically diminishes; however, whenever one does not have the skill, they get at what feels like a very significantly higher chance of getting items to roll greater than common. It's almost like it is not really compatible with xskills' Blacksmith skill. On top of this, when blasksmithing using the Blacksmith skill, the if the blacksmith crafted an item that has a higher quality with better durability, and then drops or uses the item, it is overwritten with RPG Item Rarity and rolls significantly lower stats and gravely lesser quality than what the blacksmith has crafted.
Also posted this here: your mod page and here: your github issues tracker

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