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What is this Mob??? The Living Dead

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I was flying around in spectator looking at cave generation and I wanted to see a glow worm cave. Anyway I have a few hundred hours in the game and haved a few mods but none that add new mobs except the Aurochs from Medieval Expansion. At least as far as I know. I have mods like prospector info, HUD, carry capacity, and better archery. Mainly just tthe minor tweak mods.

So I was surprised to see a tall figure slowly glowing in one of the caves.Sometrhing I had never seen before. It was pulsating like a slow on/ off glow. Reddish golden in color. 5 Blocks tall. I went over to see what in the world it was...and the sound!! Horrifying almost like swamp clicks and this sudden gnashing/snapping turtle like sound.

I went into creative to get a better look. 100 hit points. I hit it with my iron Falx and it took off 5hp. Its gonna take a while to kill this thing. I sat there wathing it glow and pulse, and walk around and make these awful noises. It is ~5 blocks tall and relatively skinny. Although it could not fit between the speleothems in the cave.

What the heck is this? Besides obviously it is a mob called The living Dead. What mod adds this? or is it vanilla? is it common? or is it a rare spawn? I googled it to see but no refernce that I can find to it. 

See attacehd Screenshots. Anyway very scary mob!! 10/10 would hate to encounter.


The Living Dead 2.PNG

The Living Dead 3.PNG

The Living Dead.PNG

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