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  1. Good news - you can use wine in meat stews. I don't think they'd fit in any other meals right now.
  2. That would be pretty cool... depends on what @jakecool19 thinks. I've already got all the shapes and textures made, clearly.
  3. I think it's related to this mod adding around 1100 grid recipes or something. I could hold off on removing the variant groups and just move all the syrup-drizzling recipes over to the mixing bowl. Part of the problem there is that I have to have a different recipe for every bottle, and since there's so many different kinds of meat variants already... it's a very, very large file. I'll see if moving it to the mixing bowl helps smooth things out.
  4. IMPORTANT NOTICE I will probably be removing grain variants from fried food, since the sheer number of permutations are linked to what's causing the FPS loss. However, I cannot automatically remap more variants onto fewer ones. In my testing I've been able to manually type something like: "/iir remapq expandedfoods:breadedmeatnugget-bushmeat-smashed expandedfoods:breadedmeatnugget-spelt-bushmeat-smashed force", But the game won't seem to do it on its own or prompt you for it. If I can't get this to work, your fried food will disappear. I'm giving you guys a heads up now, so you
  5. It's a problem on our end, nothing to do with your mods. Hopefully we get it fixed soon.
  6. I really don't know what's going on with your sausage, because you should always be getting extra nutrients when you make any items in the mixing bowl besides regular, vanilla bread.
  7. I feel like I'm barely scratching the surface of what Jake's made possible with these cool new tools. If there are any parts in the handbook that could use better clarification, let me know and I'll address it.
  8. I tried to be as clear as possible, what parts were confusing?
  9. All those Extra Nutrient numbers in your Vintage sausage screenshot should be 50% higher.
  10. It doesn't have extra nutrients even when you make it in the mixing bowl?
  11. An item will only have extra nutrients if it's made in the mixing bowl - otherwise it doesn't have any ingredients to pull the nutrients from.
  12. ... but there's no extra nutrients?
  13. You don't have any Extra Nutrients in your sausage? EDIT: Also, Vintage sausage is Aged sausage, but cooked. The word 'Vintage' in this game also implies to me that it's really high-end.
  14. I've considered adding bread crumbs to the salad recipe, so I might do that in the next release. Croutons aren't quite the same, though. That being said... I could add croutons. Flour + Food Oil + Salt. I don't know what you mean about sausage not giving enough protein. It gives a ton of protein. In fact, something is wrong with Cryorus's sausage, it should be way better than that, there should be 510 extra nutrients, not 340. I'll need to look at it on the back end
  15. Is cured meat bacon? I've been thinking of it like beef jerky or something. And thanks for the recipe suggestions! I've never made them before so efficiency tips are appreciated.
  16. Because you already cure sausage on the meat rack. Dumplings makes sense, though.
  17. All the meals that were already in the game are still default. You need meat in 2 slots to make meat stew. You need veggies in 2 slots to make veggie stew. You need water, vegetable juice, or bone broth to make soups. All I have done is add to them.
  18. You're not putting meat into your meat stew? Dude, the handbook is talking about in addition to what you can already use to make meat stews. Meat stews are a vanilla meal. You need meat in 2 slots in order to make meat stews. You're taking the handbook too literally in some points and not at all in others. Try experimenting in creative mode for a few minutes.
  19. You're putting one slice of meat into a meat stew and wondering why it's not working? There's your problem. Try two, that's just how meat stews work.
  20. The guide already has a mixer section. And a regular cooking pot section. The salad is in the cooking pot section with the rest of the meals because it is a meal, and its entry already explicitly states that you have to mix it in the mixing bowl. I can add the same text to the Advanced Cuisine guide but that would be redundant. EDIT: By the way, you can totally remove liquids from the mixing bowl, try right clicking.
  21. The cooking pot. Like normal. The salad requires the mixing bowl AND a cooking pot.
  22. Salad is the only thing that needs a cooking pot, because it is a meal. Everything else is just a regular item. The water thing is totally an issue, though. EDIT: I've edited the handbook to make it more clear that salads are the only thing that require a cooking pot.
  23. Now that I think about it, what do you want to be able to use cured meat for? Sausage, pemmican, and dumplings wouldn't make sense, so that just leaves fried food.
  24. That's odd. Can you share a screenshot? It shouldn't be this difficult.
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