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Reading position from save file

Szymon Perschke

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Title pretty much says it all.
I'm new to this game and kinda get lost. Playing without map and with 1k blocks spawn radius with my inexperience was kinda stupid.

After about an hour long search, augmented by commands, I decided to just check coordinated in save file.

I easily found the coordinated location in that file, but it uses non-unicode data (outside of few words, all I can see is "�", or "^[letter]").

So... how can I read the coordinates?

I would be thankful for any answers.

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I think the minimap and the coordinates overlay can be turned on/off separately in Settings => Interface. F6 is the shortcut for the minimap and V is the one for the coordinates overlay.

You can also go in creative "/gm 2" or spectator "/gm 3" mode and fly around trying to find your home.

Further, you can use the ".debug find" command to locate a block from your home, but you need to be in creative mode in order to use it. For example: ".debug find bed" or ".debug find firepit"

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