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Text suggestion for items that can be cut up with chisels


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At present there are a number of items which can be cut up by a chisel into metal bits. They are described like follows:

Copper chain

Smelting Temperature: 1084 deg C

Smelts into 2x Copper ingot

As a new player, I found this confusing because I could not see any way to smelt Copper chain. You can't put it in a Crucible, and you can't place it on a lit forge.

I would suggest changing the text. Maybe to something like...

Chisels into 40x Copper bits


Chisels into Copper bits that smelt into 2x Copper ingot

That could probably be done globally for all "Smelts into [n]x [Metal] ingot"

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23 hours ago, Ezra said:

but it doesn't help the nuance that it (itself) doesn't smelt into anything. Only the copper bits smelt into something.

I'm guessing the implication of the "Smelts into" aspect is that the product (bits in this case) smelts back into two ingots worth of metal.

Alternatively, maybe a cut or planned feature?

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