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Pumpkin event?


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There was a cute little mod that helped capture the spirit of the season, NiclAss, I think was the author, but it seems to have vanished from ModDB. I have it on my other computer, but I'm not at home at the moment. Am I just not seeing it, or was it pulled or something?


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Hey yeah I did create that mod. 

It's removed from modDB atm. 

The mod was made for the pumpkin event on the discord, if the servers where full I would have launched some servers with that mod installed. 

This wasn't needed and they took a whole different approach with that adventure map.



The mod added Pumpkins to worldgen (containing chiseled ones from players randomly spread around the map.)

And the drifters had pumpkins added to their loottables.

Pumpkins stacksize was increased to 99

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OK, cool. I was scratching my head trying to figure out where I found it since it didn't seem to be on ModDB, and I didn't remember having downloading anything elsewhere. I was starting to think it was auto-installed from joining a server, but that made no sense since the server I play on is my son's, and I was over at his house, and he had not heard of it.

I've only found 3 of the variants so far, but, hey, it gives me an excuse to run around at night.

Does it only run around Halloween, or will I find them any time I enable it?

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