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New creature : Tree Ent


- rarely spawns in the woods.

- spawns most of the time alone and very rarely in pairs

About creature:

- creature should spawn in the wooded areas and roam the woods freely.

- it is passive creature and becomes aggresive if provoked

- Drifters are afraid of Tree Ent and they will avoid this creature, so if you see drifters suddenly start to run away you know there is a Tree ent nearby. 

Creature mehanics: 

- When spawned it boost tree growth of nearby tree saplings 

- you could trade with them some tree seeds (seed for a seed)

- small chance to summon tree ent when planting tree (tree sapling transform into tree ent when it reach mature state)


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16 hours ago, Maelstrom said:

Great idea, but out of place in a Lovecraftian world. 

Anything like that would need a scientific reason to appear on the world (kinda like drifters spawning from rifts).

Hmm, since you put it that way... story might fit into the world anyways


Here is a story how Tree ent was made....

As far as I understand the story of Vintage Story, the world was ravaged by an unknown disease that turned people into drifters. Right?

This same disease could affect the trees. As we all know, trees are also living beings, multicellular organisms, and as the disease affected people, it also affected certain trees and they mutated and developed some sort of consciousness and the ability to move. Since the Tree ent is aware of its origin, it feels obliged to protect the forest and support its growth and development (because he is part of it)

Why are drifters afraid of tree ent?

In essence, drifters used to be humans  and part of that identity remained with them. Bearing this in mind, it should be noted that before the virus they had not seen beings like the Tree ent and despite their transformation and clouded mind, the tree ent is still unknown to them and they are afraid of it.

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