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Anvil level and meteoric iron

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Hi there!

I'm having an anvil issue, and am hoping someone can shed some light on it. I happened upon some ruins that were struck by a meteor, and now have a dearth of meteoric iron. I used the bloomery and have nice ingots now. I built a tin bronze anvil, heated up the ingots, and got an error message that I need a level 3 anvil. So I figure maybe tin bronze isn't it, so I make a black bronze anvil. No dice. All the bronze anvils show up at level 2. 

I did go ahead and restart the game, turned all the mods off, just to see if it would fix it, but it did not. 

Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions?

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meteoric iron is tier four and needs a tier three (iron) anvil to be worked

i'm dumb and it's not tier four? but it does need an iron anvil

yes it is, because copper is tier one and needs a copper pickaxe

lol sorry i've actually never made it that far

iron is tier three, wrought and meteoric iron are tier four

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To work meteoric iron which is tier3+ metal you need tier3(iron) anvil and any hammer.

To work regular iron (tier3) - you need tier2 (any bronze) anvil.


In order to make iron anvil you need at least bronze anvil (for working regular iron), 10 iron ingots and 1 piece of borax.

All that because you can only smith iron and higher anvils, not cast it into mold.


It is not that rare that you cannot pass by some stages..

Meteoric iron requires iron pickaxe to break its blocks, and iron anvil to work. You cannot jump from bronze to meteoric iron without working regular iron.

Steel furnace' tier3 bricks require regular steel pounders. I.e. you must make at least one portion of steel to make an advanced furnace that almost never breaks. So you make tier 1 or 2 furnace to get to tier 3 furnace.

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