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Vintage Story Winter Event \o/


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The days have grown short, and the snow has begun to fall… It is up to you to bring life and beauty to this winter wonderland! Stake your claim and create a winter-themed build using all the tools Vintage Story has to offer. This will be a creative-mode building event, so you will have access to every block and item in the game and infinite chiseling!

The Winter Wonderland Build Event will last for two weeks. The event will begin on Sunday, 4 December at 20:00 EET - Saturday and end on 17 December at 20:00 EET. At the end of the event, the builds will be judged by staff and players, and the best builders may win free game keys, %-off coupons, or even have their build featured on the game’s menu!

Details about the map and rules will be posted when the event begins. Start thinking wintery thoughts!

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