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The Winter Wonderland build event has begun!


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Dear Players,
we cordially invite you to another special event - create a winter-themed build in creative mode within 2 weeks! At the end of the event, the builds will be judged, and the best builders may win free game keys, %-off coupons, or have their build featured on the game’s main menu!
The map for this event is 5120 x 5120 blocks and contains a variety of biomes. To the north you will find mostly glaciers and mountains. To the south are snow-covered forests and other temperate biomes, and even some warmer snow-free areas in the very south of the map. This world is locked in perpetual winter, so the coldest areas in the north will stay dark! Keep that in mind as you select your build location.

Judging will happen across multiple categories. You can focus on one category, or try to win them all! The categories for eventual judging will be:
• Most original
• Most detailed
• Most beautiful
• Best lighting

Regarding Rewards
We're still figuring out how to best set up the event rewards so this is intentionally vague, but we'll be sure to hand out rewards where rewards are due. As for the screenshot inclusion in the game’s main menu:
• We are looking for festive and winter themed screenshots that will be active over the winter holidays.
• We will create the screenshot of your build ourselves, so we recommend making it look good using the vanilla textures. If you wish, you can provide us with an exact viewing position from which the screenshot should be made using .cam p an then .cam save - this will copy the position coordinates to the clipboard. Paste this text in a file and save it until judging begins.

Event Instructions
1) Connect to the server (event.vintagestory.at:55538) with game version 1.17.9.
2) Choose and claim your location using the /land command before you start building. (See the wiki page on land claiming for instructions)
3) Place a visible outline around your claim (fences or another block) and place a sign with your username on it so everyone knows it’s yours.
4) Submit the coordinates of your claim via Google forms page that we have set up for this. Note that you should submit your coordinates before you start building!
5) Start building and chiseling! You have until the end of the event to complete your build.

• One build per player.
• Your build must be claimed using the /land command.
• Your build must be marked with a sign with your username on it.
• You have to submit the coordinates of your build using the Google forms link or it won’t be included in the judging.

• The first round of judging will be done by the Vintage Story team, who will select the finalists.
• Once the finalists have been selected, the server will re-open in spectator mode and players may vote for the winners.
• All Vintage Story players may vote for one build per category, even if they didn’t create a build, but each player may only vote once (you must provide your username to vote).
• You may vote for the same build in more than one category.
• Players may not vote for their own builds.
• Winners may win free game keys or discount coupons, or even have a screenshot of their build featured in the game’s menu background! The winners of each category will be announced here. (Prizes will go to the builds with the most total votes across all categories - not necessarily to the winner of each category.)

Server Info
• The map is 5120 x 5120 blocks, very cold, with realistic biomes. The north half of the map will be frozen and mostly dark, south will be more varied and have more sunlight. Soil gravity is off. Months have been set to 300 days so it will remain winter for the entire event.
• The server will automatically restart once per day at 8 AM EET. This should only take a minute or two.
• The server will also automatically generate a backup once per day at 8:30 AM EET. This may take a few minutes and the server will lag during this time.
• The server address is: event.vintagestory.at:55538

This event will run from Sunday, 4th December at 20:00 EET - Saturday until 17th December at 20:00 EET
Good luck and have fun!

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