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How to sell an item for gears?

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I want to sell an item and gain 27 gears out of the 33 gears the trader has. He should have 6 gears left.

I want to take those 27 gears and buy something from a trader right next to him.

The game will not allow me to sell my item to him, Is this a bug or poor interface?



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i see part of the issue, he want to buy two different rough diamonds for 2 different prices, one for 9 (want of 2) and the other at a 11 (want of 1) and both are listed as potential low.

Once he sells out of one stack, he will not buy for the other stack. Saying that the first stack is sold out.  Well, at least i got 18 gears, can't put all 3 diamonds for sale.

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Three issues to note, as mentioned above:

1) The type of gems you sell: not only the name but the quality/potential. In your case the diamonds most probably come from bony soil which has only LOW potential. So use tooltip in the trading window to compare what you have with what he actually wants. Make sure he wants LOW potential diamonds.

2) The desired amount. Usually traders want no more than 1 stone. Rarely - 2. So you place 1(one) diamond in the trading offer and push Buy/Sell. Add another one, push buy/Sell, until the trade is depleted which is marked by Cross over the slot. In general - my advice is to sell one item at the time exactly as it appears in the "You can Sell" part. If you try to sell 3 for only 1 desired - the game cannot substract the item's amount and leave 2 in the Offer slot. Do one by one.

3) Your inventory. It must have at least 1 empty slot or a non-full slot with rusty gears so that once you hit the Buy/Sell - the game is capable to put the gears into it. Try to toss excessive things off the cart to free one slot - if you plan to spend the gears immediately. The game works slightly differently in the trades comparing to MC - you don't put gears into the slots of the trading window. It is substracted from you inventory.


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