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It is very unclear that I am creating a "forum" account when buying the game


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This is more of a feedback,

All I wanted to do was create a game account, buy the game, play the game.
Now I have created a forum account despite me not using forums the last 10y and I doubt I will in future, and I still have to create another account just to play the game ?
This is not clear from the UI when purchasing a game, I would have created a complete trash account, now it carries my alias that I would rather not have on some forum.


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Just ask for the mods to change it. I ran into the same thing, but because I thought I had to supply real information for the payment processing, my account started with my real name.

You can change it periodically, (every month or so, I think) but I suspect they would honor your request.

I think all that matters is the email address you use and the password. From time to time you need to enter that to play the game, at least online. I don't believe I've ever seen that screen when I had my connection disabled.

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