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How to change window border?


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Hey everyone,

Completely new and I'm sure I'm missing something easy, but I keep trying to change the window size in settings and I can't get it to change. If I switch tabs it just reverts back to Hidden. Is there something I can do to make it Fixed or Resizable?

The exact steps I take is:

Go to Settings -> Interface. Then change Window Border from Hidden to either Resizable or Fixed. Then if I click away to any other tab, when I go back it'll be back to Hidden and nothing has changed. Is there a 'save settings' button I'm missing?

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I doubt you missed something because that would I missed it too .. I tried playing with other settings as I was changing the Window Border to see if it would save but in vain.
I think this setting might just be a placeholder, but will actually work in future updates (maybe i dunno).

Tho I don't why you would want to resize the interface windows as they are big enough in my opinion.

In conclusion setting no worky ;(

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