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A humble request.


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A very crude,horribly inaccurate,pain in the butt to maintain BUT devastating,single shot flintlock pistol.

Difficult to make and almost not worth the trouble 80% of the time.

Makeshift gunpowder should be an absolute CHORE to make with finding the materials needed being only half the pain,the other half would be making it.

Naturally It would be made out of iron as to ensure a fresh spawn player will not be able to get their hands on it easily.

While all types of wood could be used i think it's fair to use some of the rarer types.

A single shot kill on pretty much anything other than bears and all driffers besides the basic one.

As with all flintlock weapons,firing rate should be infuriatingly slow and the consistency between shots would be achieved with the speed of a Bulgarian trying to play TF2 on a Chinese server at midnight with very high ping...slow and tedious.

Ammo would be made out of lead for the sake of scarcity.

Reloading would slow basic movement speed to ensure a ''high risk/high reward'' mentality when the weapon is used.

-EXAMPLE- "i missed a shot on a drifter at night and now that i cannot just run away he and his buddies will use the next 5 to 10 seconds to teach me the definition of the word ''consent'' and how they don't believe in it."

A weapon with so many drawbacks it's almost safer to go out at night with nothing but a torch than risking missing a shot on a double headed drifter.

I love it.



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Might i add that the reason the weapon has so many drawbacks is so that it remains as a fun weapon with a very niche use and not as a main way to defend one's self.


(not really a flintlock more like a pipe that has a small chance of blowing up in your face)

It's also kinda realistic given the time period the game takes place in which is the 13th century.

Prototype guns came in all shapes and sized as far as the 11th century but were mostly used as a show of force due to them being garbage and an absolute nightmare to maintain.

Make no mistake,i love the game the way it is and would not have it any other way.

it's a game for building and exploration and i will NOT demand that the way the game is played be changed in a way that would ruin it for you.

The reason i'm saying this is because i've noticed a lot of people with badly drawn fursonas as their profile pictures suggesting steampunk powered weapons or outright machine guns.

I hate that.

That is not what i want.

This is a gorgeous game about survival,building and exploration at it's core and it will always BE like that.

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