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Problems with 1.18


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I've been tested with 1.18 and I noticed several issues:

-You can't break raft with your hands in creative unless you dig a void. (Press shift to remove it)

-Some of the blocks like full metal blocks just disappear their texture even though it's still there but they didn't added a recipe of them and the corroted as well with some missing blocks such as the gold ones.

-You can only use parchments to copy books and not the other books.

-The ultramarine color should be much more brighter since it's not good on some metal signs.

-The lecterns don't even work properly and you can't create one by yourself.

-Some missing names in the description and crafting recipes

-There's still missing some types of doors such as the 2x3, 1x4 and the [ones with half a block(optional)]

-The camera glitches a lot

-There's no wood variation on sign and sign posts

-The command to change character doesn't work

-The game crashed when you play too much with writing books

-At times your PC can't access the inventory and crafting without alt

-There's no spawn to the specific animal skin unlike butterflies and bunnies.

-Sometimes the game freezes for no reason in the homo sapiens

-Debarked acacia log and others one's top texture doesn't fit well

-You can't access your inventory when you're on survival

-You can't access homo sapiens worlds with mods

-Ink and quill doesn't have other color variations

I'll come with more issues soon



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On 2/27/2023 at 7:19 PM, Maelstrom said:

A better place to submit this would be on the Github issue tracker.  

Ik :P

But it's not easy to convince that happens or idk since there wasn't been anything commented on that

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