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In-game Travel alternatives 1.18 Request


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Now that we have oceans and continents I'd loooooooove and actually go as far as to say it would be essential to have some way of traversing this. Personally I dont like teleporting or fast travel mechanics so would be incredible to have different types of boats, I think rafts are cool and look great but to be honest... they're completely useless, you can swim just as fast without them making them obsolete.  Initially, would it be possible to just change player seating position and model of raft to something like a Cog (single sail used for windmills as part of the recipe) and adjust the speed to make it faster and maybe later on add a sailing mechanic with wind.

Well integrated horses would also be essential in my opinion. There is the horses mod which is a good start but really needs polishing as they cant eve jump and struggle to go over blocks.

I'm sure these ideas have already been expressed by other members of the community but I love this game so much and see so much potential so I though I'd put my 10 pence in :)


Many thanks,



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The glider you get from interacting with the story event/dungeon is incredibly fast. Sure, you need a high place to jump off of - but you can travel decently by leaping from a hill, gliding to the foot of the next hill, hopping up that hill, and leaping off the top to glide again.

Admittedly, that won't let you cross massive oceans. But a tall launch tower at the water's edge will get you across pretty much any lake in the default worldgen setting.

Also, the raft is probably a first prototype for the boating system. I don't expect it to be the final word on water travel. But already, it is more useful than you think - it lets you avoid getting wet in winter while crossing bodies of water.


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