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  1. If you let your food rot, you can make compost (a soil type for farming) from it.
  2. It might be a file system permissions issue, in that the Vintage Story client is not allowed to write to %USERNAME%\Pictures (or your regional equivalent). This is the folder where screenshots will be deposited. You can try reviewing and adjusting the file system permissions.
  3. Welcome to the forums Unfortunately, lore entries are per-person for the time being. The story part of the game is only implemented very rudimentarily, and is slated to be expanded significantly in the future. In the meantime, I recommend collecting all the bony soil from ruins that you can find. It can be panned, and yields not only some valuable items, but also a relatively large amount of lore books.
  4. There's no such thing as interior temperature in the game, I'm afraid. The game can detect enclosed spaces if their volume is no more than 7x7x7 blocks, and that volume is surrounded entirely by solid block faces (unchiseled) or doors. Within such spaces, the player's cold resistance is increased and the cold weather food usage penalty is removed. Plus, a burning fire has a much larger range for warming up players than it normally has outdoors. But that's it. There's no separate interior temperature being tracked for the room.
  5. Section 4: Home Decoration Contains ideas centered around building oneself a beautiful, individual, and satisfying home. Corner Stairs Crafted Wooden Furniture Matches Wood Used More Immersive Lamp Recipes
  6. Section 3: Cooking and Alcohol Contains ideas related to combining edibles in interesting ways. Though there's not that much here, as it would venture too much into suggestion new systems or content, neither of which is the point of this thread. Unhide Hidden Satiation Bonus on Meals Storage Shelf Tooltip Polish
  7. Section 2: Animals and Animal Husbandry Contains ideas regarding the keeping, breeding, and raising of livestock. Chickens Hatch from Eggs Chalk from Eggshells Possible Pig Perk? Animal AI Improvements Bones Dropped by Skeletons Animal Tooltip Polish
  8. Hey @Tyron, this is for you! This insufferable wall of text is the result of multiple months worth of on-and-off gameplay, testing, ruminating, note-taking, and writing. In making this thread, I attempted to adhere to the following principles: Stick to the homesteading theme as declared in the 1.15 feature poll (meaning plants and farming, animals and animal husbandry, cooking and alcohol, and home decoration) Don't make up new game systems and content; look at improvements for existing ones instead (though this may at times result in suggesting extra features that improve existin
  9. It is used to transport items upwards in a chute system. Without it, items can only travel sideways or down, following gravity.
  10. "setir" should be regional, whereas "seti" (without the r) should be global.
  11. A server with no one on it defaults to halting its progression of time. You can configure it to keep running instead, but you don't want that anyway, so you're good on that front. But yes, you can also play on your singleplayer world. After entering your world, hit ESC, and in the menu, select "Open to LAN". Confirm the following dialog. Afterwards, the button in the ESC menu that previously was "Open to LAN" will have changed to "Open to Internet". Clicking it will make the game attempt to ask your router for automatic port forwarding. The router must be UPnP-capable, and have this func
  12. Not sure you can - but I think there are weather commands that can ensure a clear sky. Try /weather seti clearsky
  13. Not weird, no. You just have 200k blocks between 90° latitude and 0° latitude. Which is a very large distance. So you will have very slow, gradual climate changes. If you want to visit hot biomes like jungles, savannahs, or deserts, you'll better set aside half an ingame year just for travel. (Depending on the amount of sunlight you have and the terrain you encounter, you can expect to walk roughly between 3k and 5k blocks per ingame day.) My singleplayer world has a 15k pole-equator distance. I walked south from spawn for three days straight until I hit a savannah. Your world is more tha
  14. The game always spawns you in the northern hemisphere. Going south will always be moving towards the equator, and thus warmer weather. You can walk to a point in the world where going north will make it warmer, but you cannot spawn there. If you really set your pole-equator distance to 200k blocks (which is crazy high), you will have to walk south for at least a whole month straight before you see a noticeable climate difference. Are you sure you didn't mean 20k?
  15. German language: "Korn, Körner" -> "grain, grains". The etymological source of the English "corn", which Americans started calling the maize plant for some reason.
  16. Not a bug. Cut grass is added in batches of 8 per portion. You only have 4 pieces in hand, which is not enough. A full stack of 64 cut grass will add 8 portions to the trough, filling it completely.
  17. I consider the secondary mode a natural extension of the prospecting mechanic and will always enable it. Triangulating the position of a nearby deposit is gameplay in itself. There is no reason to not give the player more gameplay.
  18. If you type "what is my ip address" into the address bar of your browser, the All-Knowing Googly-Moogly will hook you up.
  19. If they're not showing up, are you sure that you put them into the right folder? Which folder specifically is it? Are you perhaps redirecting your data path? (If you don't know what this means the answer is automatically "no".)
  20. Yeah, the surface deposits are only supposed to get you started. The real mining is done with the help of the prospecting pick. It'll identify areas of the world where it is worth digging down deep into the ground in search for ores. Even cave exploration is better done in an area that has good ore spawn chances, to make it worh the risk. It's a somewhat complex tool with multiple modes that makes you play a sort of minigame in order to get results. Additionally, your chances of actually finding a worthwhile spot depend at least as much on your structured approach to prospecting as it doe
  21. You can force chunks to regenerate with the /wgen regen command. Supply a number between 0 and 50; that is a radius. 0 regenerates the chunk column you're standing in. 1 regenerates a 3x3 chunk area, centered on the chunk you are standing in. 2 does a 5x5 area, and so on. Large numbers may slow down or freeze the server for a bit as it works through the task. Note that this doesn't just regenerate the local ore. It deletes the entire chunk column and recreates it from scratch from the world seed and position. You'll receive a completely new, virgin slice of world with no traces of any pre
  22. Perhaps the original author's personal tweak, which slipped in unnocticed, and came from a time when meteoric iron had no use yet...?
  23. ...Wut? o_O Is your game modded? Because the default behavior is definitely: toss pieces into bloomery, light up, wait, receive ingot. Meteoric iron ingot, not plain iron. Worked perfectly fine for me just the other day.
  24. In the game, press H to open the handbook. Search for "nugget (bismuthinite)". Click on that entry. Where it says "Obtained by breaking", there will be a bunch of icons. Mouse over them to see all the stone types that can host this ore. If you do not have one of these stone types around your base, you will not be able to find bismuth. But do note that the world has three stone layers, so you might find one of the right kinds of stone if you dig down. As for how to find it? With the prospecting pick. Look for a video tutorial, that'll be much faster ans easier to grasp than a tex
  25. A possible "final destination" for fruit trees and berry bushes is that all of them produce fruit only once per year. One of the inspirations for Vintage Story, the Minecraft mod Terrafirmacraft, had it set up like that. You had different fruit trees that would ripen in different months, and different berries as well. If you managed to collect a good variety, then at least one of them would be ripe in any given month for like March through October and give you a steady supply of fruit. If your collection of bushes outside the door gave you a harvest only once per year, instead of once per
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