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  1. Check out the top entry in the FAQ: https://www.vintagestory.at/features/faq.html/ You can also check the Humble store or itch.io. You can buy Vintage Story there as well, and they may have additional payment options available beyond Paypal.
  2. Brainstorming a little here. A distillation apparatus would be the logical future method for increasing potion strength. By selectively evaporating either the active agent or the water content in a clean, enclosed system, you can split the two apart, and you end up with a smaller amount of more concentrated active agent. The main challenge here is needing an actual distillation apparatus block, for which there would need to be a custom model, a recipe, and processing behavior. That's a big hurdle. But it would open up a lot of neat things. Not just in terms of immersion, but also gam
  3. You can view the current development roadmap by mousing over "Devlog" in the top navigation bar. Currently, it lists steam engines as potential endgame content. Of course, development goals change over time, but you can consider this to be the intended upper limit until further notice. That said, the game already generates resources that theoretically could be used by modders to push to much higher technology. There is bauxite (-> aluminium), ilmenite (-> titanium), pentlandite (-> nickel), and even an uranium ore.
  4. Did you mouse over the emerald the trader wanted to buy, and yours? It says in the tooltip which quality grade the gem is. "Low potential", "medium potential", etc. If the trader wants to buy low and you have medum, then this is not a bug. You're not offering the item he wants. If, however, the trader wants to buy low, and you have low, and he still won't take it? Then yes, that's a bug.
  5. Welcome to the forums! Perhaps the inventory window was moved outside of the visible screen area. You can go into clientsettings.json, search for "dialogPositions", and delete all entries there - that should reset all windows to their default positions.
  6. That problem would be on Paypal's end, though? The way the service works is that it advances the money for your payment, and then recovers it from you afterwards. Therefore, if Paypal doesn't wire money to the VS shop (or wherever else you may be trying to buy), then that's a Paypal issue. Perhaps it believes your bank details are invalid. As a workaround, you could try to manually deposit some money to your Paypal account, which can then be used without falling back on your bank details.
  7. Nope. You pick items to buy. Then the merchant will tell you how many rusty gears they want for the selection you made. You click "trade", and the gears are taken from you, while the bought items are given to you.
  8. The "you can sell" section is for getting more rusty gears. If you want to buy, you need to look at the other section.
  9. Welcome to the forums! Are you trying to log into the game client with your forum account, or your website account? They're different. Did you ever receive a game key, or did you just make an account? The account must be activated with a game key. The key should be provided to you after your purchase. Where did you buy the game? The way your key is delivered differs based on that. Did you check your spam filter for emails you're apparently not getting?
  10. Nope, you cannot mine iron with a copper pick. Limonite is one of the three kinds of iron ore, by the way. So you have already found what you wanted, and just never knew it Unless of course what you actually found is ilmenite, which is a titanium ore that is used as a refractory material in steelmaking in the endgame. And if poor abundance is the best you could find for hematite, that explains why you had terrible luck digging for it there. With most ores you generally want to avoid working with anything that has an abundance of less than decent. It can still generate ore - I once found
  11. Welcome to the forums! Your description is a bit vague. If you're coming here saying you've already read all the suggestions, how can we offer additional ones? It's also not clear what problem exactly you're running into. Are you unable to find an area with a high abundance of iron? Or are you unable to find a vein of iron when digging in an area with a high abundance of iron? Your post kinda reads like "both", except that's impossible because those cases are mutually exclusive. In general, though: yes, this is hard for new players. Prospecting has the steepest learning curve of all
  12. Greenhouse =/= room that warms up players.
  13. There is no display whether you are inside or outside. The only thing that uses that word is "outside temperature", and that always displays outside temperature (chiefly because there's no such thing as inside temperature, there's only warmth bonuses). You can see whether your room works or not by going into it when you have a food usage penalty due to cold weather. If the room works, that penalty should be removed, and come back once you move back outside. (Season, weather, temperature, and related mechanics are not in their final form yet.)
  14. Yes, you can absolutely do that. In fact it's almost the recommended way, due to how a singleplayer world has so many more configurable settings. You need file system access for this to work. I don't know G-Portal, so I don't know if they offer it. But you need to manually upload the world file to the server, and then modify the server's config files to load that world. Beyond that, there shouldn't be anything else to do. All the settings you mention can be configured when you create the singleplayer world, in the 'Customize' menu, and they'll all transfer with the world to the serve
  15. Very strange. I've done it exactly like that in the past, and it has always worked. I don't have a solution for you, but a potential workaround: try searchng for where VSEssentials.dll is on your disk. That should be the folder where the three core mods are located, and since the game is clearly finding and loading them, I would be very surprised if it failed to find other mods you put in the same location.
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