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  1. It is a multiplier to the default spoiling speed. So to make food spoil more slowly, you need a number smaller than 1. A value of 0.5 would make food last twice as long. Note that you cannot fully disable the spoiling. There is a minimum valid value. I don't know it myself, I just know that it exists. Maybe someone else can help out.
  2. If you were at the equator you would be seeing acacia trees and hyenas instead of oaks, maples and wolves. That's a surefire sign you are near it. On the way, you usually also pass some jungle biomes with strange flowers and kapok trees.
  3. All worldconfig command changes made in ingame chat only take affect after returning to the main menu and reloading the world. (Or restarting your multiplayer server, if you have one.)
  4. Unsure about the greenhouse. I've not played with it myself, so I can't say if it works correctly or not. The pole-equator distance is the number of blocks between an equator and a pole. Your world spawn will be somewhere in between them. This varies from world to world, and what spawn region/climate you selected during world creation. And, 135 blocks above sea level? Are you sure? That would be very high up. Sea level is at 110 in a default 256-block world height, and at 140 in a 320-block world height. In both cases, being 135 blocks above that would put you near the absolute ceili
  5. Every season is three months. But note that, just in real life, low temperatures and snowfall aren't limited to winter. Antarctica posts double digit negatives in what counts as summer down there, for example (and yes, winter is a lot worse still). Which means: you have settled too close to the poles. If you want less snow and warmer temperatures, you'll have to pack your stuff and move towards the equator. Under default settings, that generally means moving south, as the game typically spawns you somewhere between north pole and equator. (Sidenote: in the context of Vintage Sto
  6. /worldconfig playerHealthPoints 35 Enter this command in chat, exit to main menu, and reload the world. That should do it.
  7. Look more closely at the trading window. It will report when the trader will next get new stock. This happens every few days, and re-randomizes both sell offers and buy offers.
  8. The thing with armor stands (and target dummies) is that they're not blocks, they're entities - like creatures. For example, that means you can push them around by walking into them. Does that still work for you? If yes, can you try pushing them into a more open space and see if you can then interact with them again? Maybe they are standing "in" something that blocks your access.
  9. Not just almost, but entirely singleplayer, yes. I'm the kind of person who would play multiplayer with people I know, but not jump on public servers. Sadly, none of my regular gaming friends has shown much interest in Vintage Story (yet?). And I'm sure my points of view are not universal, even if some others identify with them. Everyone's mileage varies, and that's okay
  10. While I dither around indecisively over what to vote for, let me sum up my thoughts on the individual options... Fish, fishing, boats, oceans: Boats are nice. I could use a boat to travel across large bodies of water. The rest? Eh. It can wait. I'm not one of the people pining for fishing. I find it boring in every survival game. In Minecraft specifically, the only reason I ever bother with it is because it can give you Mending books. Unless Vintage Story adds a completely unique, super-attractive bonus loot to fishing, I will never touch it. If Vintage Story does add this, I will moan a
  11. I love the model. Great work
  12. I like the concept of both of these tools! But if it was me, I'd probably make the seed bag recipe require a linen sheet instead of individual yarns. It just feels more logical to make a bag out of actual cloth.
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