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  1. Even in less hardcore singleplayer worlds, this can be useful. I always have chests full of temporal gears piling up, just from killing drifters, and no use for them. I never thought of making them single-use consumables. Neat!
  2. Error messages are always really big and bloaty, but this here is the relevant line. It describes that a graphics process died. As I mentioned before, driver issues are a prime suspect here. Make sure you have the latest graphics driver that is available for your OS/graphics card combo.
  3. Nope. The bees are too angry to go back to their old peaceful ways. (But perhaps a mod could be made that provides this feature.)
  4. ...\assets\survival\entities\item.json Create a backup copy of the file, modify the original, save it, run modmaker.exe in the root directory, delete the changed file, and restore the original from the backup copy. You now have a mod that modifies this value that you can change anytime you wish without touching the base game files, can be enabled/disabled from within the game client, and prevents your changes from being overwritten whenever the game updates. Be aware that setting this number too high can lead to large amounts of non-despawning items in the world, which will degrade y
  5. Each light source in the game has a light level stat listed in its tooltip. That is how brightly it illuminates to block it itself occupies. Every block away from the light source, the light level decreases by 1. So if you had a lantern with reflective lining, the best light source in the game, it would have a light level of (I think) 22. Therefore, any location within 14 blocks distance from that lantern will be illuminated with a light level of above 8 - provided there is no solid block interposed. Even without lining, though, lanterns are still very powerful. Myself, I don't
  6. Your data folder (default: %appdata%\vintagestorydata) has a logs subfolder, in which you will find client-main.txt. This file should log everything that happens during startup. See if an error message can be found towards the bottom of it after you provoke a crash. Prime suspects are driver issues (Win7 is old), or an out-of-memory error.
  7. Not correct. The name of the setting is "pole-equator distance", not "pole-pole distance". If the setting specifies a value of 100k, then that is the distance between pole and equator, not between two poles. There are presets that have it set to 100k, and presets that have it set to 50k. Other custom values are available, of course.
  8. Blind mining is unlikely to work for earlygame progression, yeah. You don't have the durability on your first pickaxe to try 4-6 blind shafts and hope to luck out - and besides, it's tedious. Even later in the game you are better off determining where you are most likely to succeed, first. Generally your tool progress should go pickaxe -> hammer -> prospecting pick -> replacement pickaxe -> anything else. If you lucked out and dropped cassiterite nuggets from a cracked vessel or found a merchant that sells you some, that can give you a big leg up; only two cassiterite mixed wi
  9. Do the deer spawn in place of other wild animals, partially replacing them? Or do they spawn in addition? Important to know when considering to add multiple mods with additional mobs. Don't want the base game animals to disappear, but don't want to overcrowd the world either
  10. No, you cannot selectively regenerate surface ore deposits. You can regenerate the entire chunk, but that's a completely new result - it does not guarantee that an ore deposit will spawn in it again. Most likely it won't. You could consider packing up your things and running some 5k blocks in one direction (not north) before settling down again. Then you have a whole new area to explore with fresh deposits. The world is more than large enough!
  11. When you use ladders extensively in mining, you need a lot of sticks. Vertical shafts are the best method for searching for ore, after all. And if you get unlucky... Well. In my currently world I have invested over one thousand sticks into looking for iron, and still have not found it yet. Since I cannot be arsed to manually collect all those sticks, I also modded in a saw recipe for 1 plank -> 2 sticks. It simply replaces consuming shears with consuming saws, so it's perfectly fair.
  12. Streetwind

    Armor 2.0

    Okay, that's fair.
  13. Streetwind

    Armor 2.0

    In my personal opinion, I've never understood why we need item repairing at all. We do want a resource sink as a game mechanic, and having to replace items as they break serves that purpose; repairing existing items doesn't make a difference there. I mean, I guess it sort of makes sense for clothing as a special mechanic, because it's good to have the warmth benefit be more than a binary on/off. But for armor, weapons, and tools, I see it opening a big can of complexity worms in return for a mixed bag of advantages and disadvantages. For example: That is a big no in my book, becau
  14. ...Credit for the effort, but - did you know this feature has been part of the core game for a long time now? It can be configured at world start, and changed in existing worlds via /worldconfig blockGravity [sandgravel|sandgravelsoil]
  15. Don't edit the save file directly. You never know what will break. Instead, use worldconfig commands. All commands are case sensitive and will only take effect after you quit and reload the world (or restart the server, if multiplayer). Do not include square brackets, they just mean "insert value here".
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