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A Message From the Sun Worshippers


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Greetings, good Seraphs! Thank you for coming to our aid. The light-hating drifters have stolen the four sacred Shrine Pieces, banishing the sun forever. Time is frozen in the middle of the night, in the dead of winter. Because time is frozen, you will not get cold (though oddly, you may still get hungry), but you also cannot cure hides, fire pottery, or do anything else that requires time to pass. Sleep is also impossible. To bring back the sun, you must discover the four drifter caves, retrieve the shrine pieces hidden deep inside, and return them to the sun shrine at the center of the world. Once they are placed on the correct pedestals, the sun should be summoned back to us, and time will resume.

We cannot tell you exactly where to look, but we do know a few details. The drifters’ hatred of light is not limited to the sun. We have covered the world in pillars of light, but the drifters have destroyed all the ones within several hundred blocks of their caves. They are not too close to the brilliant white tower of the sun shrine at the center of the world, but they also fear falling off the edge of the world, so they won’t be too close to that either. The drifters are also known to build makeshift roads or paths to their caves, but they normally end before getting too close to any lights. Aside from that, there’s no easy way to find them, but we’ve found that picking a direction and walking in a straight line is often the best way to cover as much ground as possible. Oh, and how will you know when you’ve found one of the caves? Trust us, you’ll know. Just look for the bones…

Their caves are full of some of their toughest fighters, so go in prepared when you find them. Oh, and there’s one helpful trick we’ve discovered: don’t destroy their corpses when you’ve killed them in their caves. Leaving the corpses will frighten new drifters away from entering the caves. If you remove them, more might appear to take their places!

The shrine pieces themselves are not difficult to spot. They are too large to store in a chest, and they glow with some of the stored light of the sun. Of course, the drifters hate light, so they might try to hide the shrine pieces. Be sure to search the caves carefully to find them! Once found, return them to the sun shrine and place them on the correct pedestals to summon the sun back to us again!

Please note that the story of this event is stand-alone and not a canon part of the lore of Vintage Story.


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