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Hello folks – I already wrote some lines about rope-mechanics in the “frequently suggested topic”

Threads, strings and ropes reside without a doubt among the most original tools of humankind. Nevertheless, their use in games is somehow always rudimentary, because they end up as a crafting-item instead as a tool for itself(should be a programming thing).

A rope alone is used for climbing, ropeways, bindings, as a leash, and so on…

There are various things that one could attach to ropes: a hook, a ball of glue or a magnet… Further there are of course uses within mechanics like a pulley, a winch, hidden door mechanics, looped ropes/belts for mechanics like elevators and others, as well as uses within animal care, fishing and most important guided growth of climbing plants.

There could be ropes of different length, which use up backpack-slots(50m - 1 slot, 100m - 2slots,...) and the longer the rope the thicker it has to be – the more material is needed to craft it. Finally, it would be nice to get some tool like a spindle for producing the stuff in an automated way.

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