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New Blocks, More Mod API Updates (v1.1.0)


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Blocky Vintarians!
This update is a blocky one. And some pretty candy for modders. Since major changes happened in the Mod API, I'm bumping the game version to 1.1.0, which is now available for download in the account manager.

[Edit:] I've released version 1.1.1 which fixes the wrong worldedit tools numbering



  • Feature: New blocks
    • Added bed, altar, echo chamber, book shelves, omok table top and about 80 new blocks of various colors for creative mode only
  • Feature: New graphics option: Sepia Slider
  • Feature: WorldEdit Updates
    • Feature: New tool for generating trees using the engines tree generator.
    • Feature: New tool for simple lake generation that performs a 1 deep flood fill within a limited range
  • Feature: Mod API Updates
    • Several updates to make modding much more convenient. The Visual Studio Project of the official sample mods now let's you start the game directly within the IDE, you can break the game and use edit&continue!
    • Added several features for mods to become moddable. First example: The game content mod now adds a new tool brush to the world edit mod if it is loaded.
    • Added new events, can now register listeners for LogEntry events and player gamemode changes
    • More convenient access to the files assets through a new IAssetManager interface
    • Large rewrite on how player related data is accessed, should now be much easier to use
  • Tweak: Updated textures for blocks for crafting table, improved model for the flower pot and new graphics for all potted flowers, updated 2 leaves textures, 
  • Tweak: Added ability to use a wildcard for a blocks texture, this automatically adds the textures it finds in the given path as random textures.
  • Tweak: Reduced memory usage by 170 MB
  • Fixed: Player unable to place certain blocks very close to him
  • Fixed: Respawning not giving back full health when clicked too quickly
  • Fixed: WorldEdit mod and movespeed carrying over to survival mode when switching gamemods
  • Fixed: Blocks nearby lava transparent
  • Fixed: Low level water sometimes overwriting higher level water
  • Fixed: Lighting glitch where sunlight would not spread into neighbouring chunks
  • Fixed: Properly shutdown server when an exception happened during startup
  • Fixed: Disconnected screen showing black background and menu on the left
  • Fixed: Major sources of lag when using /we blu or block data imports with light sources multiple times
  • Fixed: Shift + Left mouse click not working to get items from the creative inventory
  • Other: Updated entity model format to use json in preparation for the entity animation system
  • Other: Added combustible options to blocks and items in preparation for smeltable and burnable items/blocks. Added tree attributes to blocks and items to hold any custom data.

2016-11-18_18-39-57.png 2016-11-19_17-29-36.png

2016-11-21_13-43-42.png 2016-11-21_17-29-13.png

If you have old worlds that are important, copy&paste this into your chat bar - it will fix the broken flowers. Close and open the world to see the changes.


.pastemode multi
/bir remap flower-forgetmenot flower-cornflower1 force

/bir remap flower-edelweiss flower-edelweiss1 force

/bir remap flower-heather flower-heather1 force

/bir remap flower-horsetail flower-horsetail1 force 

/bir remap flower-orangemallow flower-orangemallow1 force

/bir remap flower-wilddaisy flower-wilddaisy1 force

/bir remap flower-westerngorse flower-westerngorse1 force

/bir remap flower-cowparsley flower-cowparsley1 force

/bir remap flower-californiapoppy flower-californiapoppy1 force
.pastemode single


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