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Drifter Population and Rage

Omega Haxors

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Basically a chunk variable which starts at 100% population and 0% rage. Population determines spawn rate while Rage determines enemy strength and tier.
Every time a drifter dies within a set range of a player, the population will lower and the rage increases, with a bonus if a player was the one dealing the killing blow.
Furthermore, the player will also have a Population and Rage stat which is multiplied with the chunk's stat to determine the spawn rate and difficulty.

If a player farms a particular chunk it will eventually deplete (until a temporal storm) discouraging farming behavior.
If a player tends to avoid combat they won't have high tier enemies spawning near them, just as bunch of small ones.
If a player loves the thrill of combat, they won't be bothered much but when an enemy does spawn, they'll be tough.

Important: temporal storms will ONLY cause population to raise. Player rage will remain the same but environmental rage will be doubled in calculations during the storm.
This is to prevent non-combatant or early-game players from having insanely strong enemies spawn on them, while clearing out low tier trash from decked out players.

Rage will only slowly increase on kill but population will quickly drop. However, population is quickly restored during temporal storms, depending on the strength of the storm.
However, killing enemies during a temporal storm will cause the population to drop a lot faster than it will restore, which rewards players for not just hiding in a bunker.
Rage also does not increase during a temporal storm as spawns during storms are more "kill everyone in particular" rather than enemies going after you specifically.

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