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  1. Remove the awful hunger debuff and add a keybind to interact with your offhand. Torch: Burns out over time, consuming a torch. Press the Use-Offhand key to put them out and press while sneaking to start a fire. Lamp: Gains a durability bar which can be refilled by replacing the candle Food: Can be placed in the offhand and eaten with Use-Offhand Inventory: Use your offhand slot to carry an extra inventory expander Rocks: Yeet with Use-Offhand Watering Can: Hydrate.
  2. Minecraft's handling of the sprint toggle is pretty ideal. When starting a sprint as long as you're moving forward you'll maintain it. It prevents you from sprinting in situations where you don't intend to, while saving your fingers while running through fields.
  3. Sleeping in multiplayer is a pain because it requires everybody go to bed at the same time. When a player goes to sleep in multiplayer, a small notification shows up allowing you to vote to activate sleep mode. If everyone votes yes (an abstained vote counts as yes) then time will speed up and everyone currently in bed will benefit from sleep and everyone's sleep cooldown will be reset. Players not in bed will simply carry on as normal, albeit with time accelerated.
  4. You can find me kicking about on the main discord.
  5. Macerator: Drop ore chunks inside to get nuggets without needing to use your hammer Widowmaker Log Splitter: Spins around dangerously. Place logs to cut them into firewood without needing to use your axe. Watch your timing or you'll take some heavy damage. Panning Machine: Drop sand on top, it will vibrate causing panning drops to appear in the tray
  6. [Import from Discord] Weapon Types: Knife - Very fast swing speed but next to no range. Low DPS Spear - Long range but slow wind-up and low DPS Blades - Moderate range, moderate attack delay and balanced DPS Club/Mauls - Low range and very high wind-up but high damage per hit Staff - Not for magic, silly. For blocking attacks and providing denial. Defensive weapon shoves enemies back (Note: I don't know why the formatting is like this, and I don't know how to remove it) Stats as follows: Wind up - How long the weapon takes between clicking and hitting Delay on hit - How long it takes to recover after a hit Delay on miss- How much of a penalty you take for missing Damage per Hit - How much you'll deal in a single blow Damage per Second - Self-explanatory Passive Effect - Holding the weapon gives you a benefit/downside Effect on Swing - What happens when you swing the weapon Effect on Hit - If the weapon applies an affliction upon hitting, often affecting the enemy Effect on Miss - Effects that apply when you miss, often affecting you Effort Cost - How much swinging the weapon exhausts you Alternate Action - What happens when you right click (exclusive to certain weapons) Example - Flail: Wind up, 0.1 second Delay on Hit: none Delay on Miss: 2 seconds Damage per hit: 3 Damage per Second: 30 Effect on Miss: 30% chance to take self damage Effort Cost: Average
  7. That would make storage a hell of a lot easier if you could just sit down at say a workbench and immediately have access to all your stuff.
  8. Cast 10 metal to produce 10 blocks worth of Low Current Cable (100 blocks per Ingot) Low Current Cables are a pain in an ass to create, but can be made in extremely large quantities. They're also idea for long-distance signal transport due to their very cheap recipe. Cast 100 metal to produce 10 blocks worth of Medium Current Cable (10 blocks per Ingot) The standard cable, Medium Current Cables are the main workhorse of your electrical grid. They can transfer a respectable amount of power and are pretty efficient at it. Smith 1 ingot to produce 1 block worth of High Current Cable (1 Block per Ingot) Because you can. Insane current capacity and extremely low resistance and inductance.
  9. Thankfully the item doesn't dupe, but you do get an itemstack with a value of 0.
  10. Stained Glass blocks light completely and recreates a light on the other end of equal value. This will simulate light filtering of stained glass and add a little extra color to the game.
  11. You can change the option but it won't commit.
  12. Any similarities to an electrical-themed minecraft mod are purely coincidental.
  13. Start by making a Generator using a lot of copper wire by either painstakingly wrapping it around a coil, or having your windmill do it for you. Then do it again to make a Motor. You now have a means of converting wind power into electrical power, and then into shaft power. What can you do with it? Well first off, it's very convenient to transfer shaft power over wires instead of gaudy shafts. It's also easier to store and can even be used in a few unique ways. Silicon, you may of heard of it. You can get it by grinding down sand in a macerator. It has magical properties, by imbuing this magic into components you can create what is known as a Smoke Fairy. If you overload your electronics the Smoke Fairy will escape and tease your inability to electronics properly. Catch it and it will repair your component. Kill it to shut it up. But wait, how do you even get this macerator? Well you have a motor right? Just hook that up to a spinny-bit and feed sand through it. Easy. So now you have silicon so you can use it to make 'intelligent' things. Now that you have that, you must learn the art of Signals. Signals are like a type of power that is controlled. You use them to tell machines what to do. For example: A relay will only allow electricity to pass if the signal is high. This is good, now you can remotely control your stuff at the press of a button. You still have to wire them, but what if I told you that you can use up a little power to have WIRELESS!? That's right, WIRELESS. Wireless signals only need a transmitter and a receiver to deliver signals across the air via radio. They're short range but you can extend this with Signal Repeaters. Sounds great right? It really is, but they cost power to use and tend to mis-fire during thunderstorms, so probably avoid using them for anything reliant on reliable instructions. So you have power, and a way to control it. Awesome. What's next? Build a computer. Well OK lets not get ahead of ourselves, we're going to want better ways to control signals first. This is where your silicon really comes in handy. You're going to make chips. Did you know that every single gate in a computer can be made out of NAND gates? Check out the NAND game, it's really cool. They're called Not And, these pretty much these have two inputs and one output, and blah blah just play the NAND game it explains all this. Point is, you can chain these together on a circuit board to make chips to control your electronics in advanced ways. Like building a computer. Anyway now that I've gone mask-off I expect to see full-sized calculators in the not-distant future. With all of that out of the way, finally we can get to the fun part; power. Electricity comes in two flavors: Voltage and Current. If the Current gets too high then the wires will get too hot and the Smoke Fairy will escape. If the Voltage gets too high then the Smoke Fairy will be strong enough to break free. You want to keep both within the cable's limits which can be accomplished by using Resistors to restrict flow, Inductors to smooth inrush current, and Capacitors to smooth inrush voltage. Relays, Switches, Fuses and Breakers can be used to cut off power completely to an area. Ideally you want to have as much power go through a wire as possible without overloading it, so by using components in a smart way you can build what is called a DC-DC converter. This will step up or down the voltage while preventing the current from getting too high. You need to really plan this out because it's easy to make a mistake and have to start over. With clever Signal use, you can completely automate the DC-DC to produce whatever current/voltage you want whenever you want. If you'd rather, you can also choose to to make AC power instead. In these cases all you need is a transformer. By adjusting the winding ratios you can multiply or divide the voltage from one end to the other. Obviously this won't work as well with DC unless you switch it on and off to simulate AC. How do cables work? Different metals have different conductivity; both for heat and power. Better cables have less resistance and therefore produce less heat, or can otherwise better transmit that heat away from themselves. In short, your cable material determines its current capacity. On their own, cables can just be exposed to the environment. As long as you don't touch them, you're fine. Just hang them in the air and the air itself will act like an insulator. Ideally though you'll want some material to cover them. The more insulator you add, the higher voltage you can go before things go catastrophic, but the less current you can handle due to the reduced ability for the cable to dissipate heat. In general, more insulating means less current and more voltage, and more power overall. Features: Generator/Motor - Converts motion into electricity or visa-versa Electric Forge - Uses a large amount of electricity to heat up items Heat Turbine - One side hot, one side cold, power out the side Lead Acid Battery - Long-term storage which packs a punch Single Use Battery - Oversized AA battery. Exciting results if you accidentally recharge it Portable Tools - Extremely powerful tools, as long as you can keep them charged! Tech Tree - Make machines to make your life easier as you make more machines to unlock new tools LED Lights - Do you like RGB? Who doesn't. Use signals to make any RGB colored light you want. Except for black. Doesn't work like that Regular Lights - Probably should have put this one first. Light up your life with bulbs that burn out over time. Bigger bulb = bigger light obviously Arc Lighting - Extremely primitive light. Want some light without needing a lamp? Two wires across an air gap and VERY high voltage will do the trick. Chargebugs - Eats electricity to multip- HEY!!! GET AWAY FROM MY WIRES YOU LITTLE PESTS! God damn it. These are worse than rabbits. Power Armor - Don't get too excited, it's just coal plates. Provides no protection when not powered, so it's amazing if you can power it, otherwise it sucks really bad. Tazer - The power of Thor in your hands. Deals little damage but anything not scared off by the noise it makes will be scared off by its seriously painful zap. Plasma Rifle - Tazer with range. Super impractical but fun as hell. Do *NOT* fire in a thunderstorm unless you want to experience Thor's power first-hand.
  14. Playing an Echo Chamber during low Stability then consuming a Time Cog will cause the pitch of the Echo chamber to retain whatever incorrect pitch it was running at the time, when it should restore to the intended pitch of the Archive.
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