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  1. It's pretty lame and a lot of missed opportunity that you can just bucket water into a farm plot without much thought. Would be pretty neat if water was a limited resource but would restore over time when it rained. Water becomes a fluid similar to things such as honey, with unit values. Instead of pouring a full source block, you would pour the amount of fluid within the bucket into a set of voxels. You would have to use gravity or mechanical power to automate water to where it needs to be. If fluid is dropped on farmland, it hydrates it similar to the watering can. If it's pumped into the ground (similar to how farmland works now) it will seep into the farmland and hydrate it, causing the water level to go down. If farmland gets too hydrated, it will potentially drown the crops, so don't overwater if you can help it. This also prevents you from making the AFK farms you used to, putting emphasis on actually watering your crops via the watering can.
  2. It has come to my attention that taking a higher tier attack than your armor will damage it substantially. Since the patch doesn't impact durability damage caused by high tier attacks, try to avoid using under-leveled armor. The hit will still be negated as you would expect, but your armor will be quite severely damaged. I could patch this out, but honestly I like that mechanic, so it stays.
  3. Based on the Smart Moving mod from minecraft. Hold space while sneaking and standing still. You can jump up to 3 times higher if you charge it all the way. Double-tap A or D to use your long legs to quickly dodge 1 tile to the side, or S to move backwards Grab Key: Bound to Alt. Allows you to grab onto ledges and climb over them. Can also vault over low walls. Sitting is now activated by pressing grab while sneaking and standing still Get up by pressing Space Pressing a movement key while holding grab will allow you to crawl While crawling, your hitbox is flipped, meaning you can't turn in narrow paths but you can fit in 1x1 areas Hold grab while running and hit space to take a mighty leap forward. When you land, you'll be crawling If you run over small loose objects or awkward terrain, you might trip and fall into the crawling position Being taken down by a wolf or hit by a large object may send you backwards This will also happen if you trip over a small loose object or awkward terrain while moving backwards When this happens, you can use A/D to roll onto your belly to go into crawling Holding W allows you to use your weapon in this pose, and if you're not too heavy, space lets you get up
  4. There's more actions yes, but since you would need to approach each action in a different way (depending on many factors such as where the rock decides to fall, and the size based on where you hit it) there is less monotony in the actions performed. Imagine it like an obstacle course: it may take longer to get to the end, but it's a lot more interesting than simply walking directly forward.
  5. There's a lot of crap trades they really could be done away, but almost everything they buy or sell is useful in some niche case. What really needs to happen is a better trade interface. The current one is way too luck-based. It would be pretty cool if you could commission for an item you want (you pay an inflated up-front then can pick it up next trade cycle) and the ability to prefer/deprefer certain good/crap trades.
  6. Recently, chiseled blocks have been optimized to near mathematical perfection, which opens up some interesting possibilities. As it stands right now, mining is in a very boring state. The most efficient way to play is to be deep underground and prospecting, which often leads to hours on end of digging tunnels. Sure you can discourage this by reducing the mining speed, but all this is really doing is increasing the amount of time one has to grind and making fingers sore. Another option is to lower tool durability, but with how easy tools are to make, this is meaningless to balance and just adds extra tedium. Core to the problem is the rudimentary system. What mining needs to be, is more meaningfully challenging. Instead of holding left click and waiting for blocks to go away, it would be far more interesting if you had a spear-like swing with your pickaxe that broke off chunks of a rock. These rocks would fall to the ground (as entities) and harm/knockback any (unprotected) creatures in the way, so care has to be taken when mining upwards. Upon landing, the player can strike the rocks with their pickaxe to break them into smaller chunks, or they can be moved out of the way with a shovel. Once the stones are broken down, the player can then right click with an empty hand to pick them up, right clicked with clay to create a cobblestone block, or dropped on the ground to create/add to a pile. Since stones cannot be magically voided out of existence, only moved, one must landfill any stones they relieve which makes large tunnels not impossible but strongly discouraged. Unless they were to set up a minecart system to get rid of the stone, making a tunnel serves very little purpose which encourages caving and exploration over grinding. Not only that, but the constantly changing environment as you mine keeps things interesting as you may need to plan out how to obtain hard-to-reach ores. There's an element of skill as well. Breaking stone from the center takes the longest but produces the smallest stones which are easier to deal with. The fastest way to clear out stone is to take out the corners and relieve the center, though this produces a large rock one must dodge! Without a doubt, setting up a bomb is the fastest way to clear a *large* area of rock, converting it to dust which can be collected with a shovel then sifted. Clearing out mines becomes mechanically realistic as explosives allow for quick tunneling similar to real life. This system promotes the following: Exploration/Caving Logistical Systems Protective Equipment Explosives Slower Paced Gameplay More Interesting Gameplay Reduced Grind New Combat Opportunities Different Mining Tool Types Immersion VR-Support Moving Away from Minecraft Mechanics
  7. Support, because Smart Moving may be a glitchy mess but its mechanics just improve the game feel so so much. I love being able to run around, climbing over rocks with alt, diving for cover when a skeleton is near. While it adds very little to the gameplay itself, the game feel is dramatically improved with the mod.
  8. The main issue is lack of content, which obviously will be improved over time. Vintage Story is one of those games where you have to 'unlearn' progression chasing, and just enjoy yourself with what you have.
  9. Certain recipes require two ingots in order to made, such as the plate and chain.
  10. The armor system is pretty flawed in its current state, but the foundation is actually pretty good. This patch reworks how armor stats are distributed and gets rid of the Tier system to allow its true potential to shine. Items that previously had High Tier Protection will instead get a +50% damage reduc in its place. Instead of focusing on Damage % reduction, Flat Damage is the focus, and % reduc is used as a bonus. Instead of calling it Flat Damage Reduction, I will be calling them Defence Points. Each defence point lowers damage by 1. Simple. If you have Damage Reduction, that calculates after defence points are applied. Did you know that Leather Armor is actually High Tier Protective? Yeah, for whatever reason the tooltip doesn't show for this, but thankfully the new system means it gets a nice 50% damage reduction. Not bad for an early game set. The values are so intuitive I don't even need to explain them, but i'm going to anyway: Improvised Wood: 0.5 defence points Leather Jerkin: 1 defence point Wood Lamellar: 2 defence points Leather Armor: 2 defence points + 50% damage reduction Copper Lamellar: 3 defence points Bronze Lamellar: 4 defence points Woven Cloth (Gambeson): 5 defence points + 50% damage reduction For metal armors, a different system is used. Take the base value for copper, add 1 for bronze, 2 for iron, and 3 for steel: Brigandine 8 base defence points Chain: 9 base defence points Scale: 11 base defence points Plate: 12 base defence points + 50% damage reduction Bonuses: Bismuth Bronze is worse than Tin Bronze, so it has 5% less defence points Black Bronze is better than Tin Bronze, so it gains +5% extra damage reduction Iron and Steel are strong. Everything made out of them gets a bonus +10% damage reduction Anything made out of Gold gives +20% extra damage reduction Anything made out of Silver gives +15% extra damage reduction and 10% more defence points Download is now available. Enjoy! And feel free to leave feedback. ArmorRework.zip
  11. Thanks, i'll make it a mod then release it so those who disagree with the current system have the choice to swap it out. EDIT: Good has come of this.
  12. The current armor system needs improving. First problem: There's way too many systems fighting each other. This adds a lot of unnecessary complexity and makes the damage calculations completely unapproachable. Most of the armors are completely unbalanced, either being completely worthless or being overpowered to the point that even the hardest enemies are a joke. The system isn't really working. So how do we fix this? Simple. Keep everything else but remove Teirs, %reduc and flat-reduc. Instead, each point of Defence will lower each attack by 1 hit point. If this brings an attack down to 0, the damage is completely negated, puts you on damage mercy, removes the jelly-screen and replaces the 'ouch!' with a satisfying armor clanging noise. Lets take a look at a few common enemies we will be fighting: Regular Drifter - 2.5 damage Deep Drifter - 4 damage Boar - 5 damage Ram - 7.5 damage Wolf - 8 damage Corrupt Drifter - 12 damage Nightmare Drifter - 20 damage Now with that in mind, and taking the already-existing stats as a base, lets make some values that are fair. Early game Armors: Leather Jerkin - 1 defence points (enough to halve a drifter's attack) Wood Lamellar - 2 defence points (halves a deep drifter's attack) Copper Lamellar - 3 defence points (over-halves a boar's attack) Bronze Lamellar - 4 defence points (halves a wolf's attack) Woven Cloth (gambeson) - 5 defence points (completely negates a boar's attack) Late game Armors: Brigandine - 8 defence points (completely negates a wolf's attack) Chain - 9 defence points Scale - 11 defence points (nearly negates a corrupt drifter's attack) Plate - 15 defence points (makes fighting nightmare drifters far less dangerous) These assume copper as a base, but for Bronze, add 1 point and for Iron, add 2 points. Every point of damage the armor reduces will be subtracted from its durability instead. The values provided are assuming ideal circumstances. For example, almost-broken armor may act less ideally, providing a % of its nominal protection. Certain weapons (such as broadswords or hammers) may also bypass armor protection to an extent to help level the playing field for PvP interactions, or potentially open up the option for bosses/tough enemies which can ignore your armor somewhat.
  13. Autojump is objectively terrible, but I would love to see something similar to minecraft's Smart Moving Mod where you can climb up blocks by holding an action key. Really you could implement that into the game and that would be great.
  14. It's a good point to bring up the various stages of gameplay, but the issue is that so many of the trades are purely valued in context. If I was to point out every single game state that the item could be in, it would turn into a short essay. For the sake of consistency, I tried to respond from the prospective of mid game, except where the early-game advantage was abundantly clear. Since this is where most players are likely to be, it has the greatest reach. I would be interested in a speedrunners analysis, but that's not really in the scope of this. The idea was to give a rough estimation of if it was a 'good' trade or not. Bronze is extremely easy to obtain if you know where to look, though if you're unlucky or are expanding anvil ops then there's a good chance you're going to be low on it. Regardless, 1 single bronze ingot in exchange for a 1-3 gears is still a remarkably good trade, especially with how common it rolls. They really are, though if you ever need more sticks you can always hack down another tree.
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