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  1. The current registry is a complete mess of blocks. Since each item variation is essentially its own block, that means there's a crapton of superfluous blocks which only exist because they have to. Make no mistake, it's really awesome to see the 20+ variations of each block type and it's a part of what makes the game special, but it also feels really inefficient and leads to issues such as your inventory being clogged up by multiple different types of the same item. Here's a proposal to fix this one and for all. Items are generated in the registry in a very formulaic way. This is good because it's efficient and easy to work with. What I'm proposing is that that format be brought into the game itself. Lets use stones for an example, the kind you can fit in your hand and throw. They can be quickly described by a simple grid: [rock type],[containing ore & richness] so there's 1 item for each rock multiplied by 1 item for each richness and within that another multiplication for each. What starts as 2 axis (one containing 2 axis within itself) has become hundreds of items. Now lets just take all that, throw it in the trash and replace it with this: Item: Stone - This is essentially just a generic item representing stones Tag: Material - this defines what material properties the stone will take. In this case it's Granite. Tag: Ore - this defines what ore is currently within the item itself. Right now it contains copper, but this can be empty. Tag: Richness - this subtag for the Ore tag defines how rich the ore is. Right now it's poor. Already this is a lot easier to work with both on the intuitive level, and also on the coding level. If you wanted to create a 'spawn item' command, all one would have to do is say "/spawn stone granite copper rich" and just like that, there you have it. Here's an even more fun reason to do something like this however: Item stacking. One problem with games that have various item variations is that they don't stack in the inventory, but using this system they can very easily be made to. Here's an example using the logic from the last example that should be very intuitive. Item: Stone Material: Granite Contains Ore: No Amount: 10 Material: Granite Contains Ore: Copper Richness: Very Rich Amount: 10 Richness: Bountiful Amount: 4 Richness: Crystal Amount: 1 The item stack has 10 normal granite rocks, 10 very rich copper granite rocks, 4 bountiful copper granite rocks, and 1 crystal copper granite rock, for an itemstack size of 25 That's right, this system allows for the possibility of MULTIPLE ITEMS in the same inventory slot, as long as they're the same type of item. Since they all share behavior, they all act exactly the same when used, no need to define each and every one individually. For exceptions, like not all rocks can be used for knapping, you can simply read the value then compare to a table when relevant. How will this impact gameplay? Simple. Whenever you use an itemstack, it just picks the items randomly, with a weighted chance. To reference the last example, if you picked up 2 Basalt rocks you'd be far more likely to throw a Granite rock (10/12 chance) than to throw a Basalt one (2/12 chance) and you would never throw the ores (since you can't throw ores). If the player wants to 'spread' out the stacks (for example, to sort them) you can just split the item out. For example if you split the stack in half, the items will be distributed at random between the two stacks, giving you a chance to sort various items of the same type. Likewise, you can choose to stack the items together if you don't care and just want to save inventory space. Those familiar with the minecraft bundle should have a good idea of what game design this system serves to purpose. Intuitive on a player level, immersive, and intuitive on a coding level.
  2. There was an idea early on to allow the pounder to break apart ore blocks in order to get double ore yield of of it. This thankfully did not make the cut: DO NOT DO THIS! Modded minecraft has taught me that ore duplication ruins the game. How? Well imagine you have a magic box that doubles every ore you get. Following me? Well once you have it, essentially all your ore is doubled when converted into ingots, pretty nice, right? It's not, and let me tell you why: when you're starting up a new world, you know this exists, so you start stockpiling ore. Now you feel like crap every time you have to smelt an ore because the back of your mind is nagging you saying "you could have gotten 2 out of that" and it just feels bad. This universally leads to FOMO and toxic optimizing. Things don't stop there, it gets worse. As Modded advanced, everyone was trying to one-up each other which lead to ore tripling, then ore quadrupling, you get the idea. Eventually it got so ridiculous that one ore produced TWO BLOCKS worth of ingots out of a single ore. Yes. Two blocks!! Ores weren't treated as being worth anything since their value was completely arbitrary based on what mods you had installed. Anyway, I think there's a better solution to all of this that not only fixes the problem but opens up an exciting new avenue to build off of: Ore Extracting and Trace Minerals! To start off, you put any rock into the pounder to get dust. Then you run that through an extractor. After some processing you'll find tiny little amounts of trace mineral. Over time these accumulate enough that you can make an ingot. What makes this exciting is that you can do the same to ore powders. The yield will be lower than the old method, but you'll get purified metal out instead. This metal when processed will be better than the normal metal, similar to how meteoric iron outperforms normal iron. Here's where things get exciting: No matter what you destroy, be it a rock or an ore, you'll get a byproduct. These byproducts can be any ore, though it weights based on the stone type or ore type you process, and if you're lucky you might find trace amounts of rare earth material. These rare earth metals can eventually accumulate and you can use them to make a new upgrade for your steel tools: Stainless steel! You won't gain them any faster by using stones or using ore, but when processing ore you'll be getting purified metal in the process, so you may as well throw them in there. Not only that, you can also crush down already-smelted ingots and put them through to purify them and obtain trace material that way too. This system gives benefits for using it without invalidating the older methods nor punishing you for processing all your ore early, but instead rewarding you for using the new method. Even if you don't have any ore to process it's no big deal; you're not going to be locked out of any content since you can still pound rocks/ingots to the same effect.
  3. I was wondering why the fix wasn't implemented properly sooner. Then I looked at the code handling armor. Yeah. That's why. Unless you wanna go over every single recipe manually one-by-one...
  4. Very simple mod. Allows you to make the Leather Jerkin by using a Gamboised recipe. Intended to fix the problem of requiring leather for high level recipes.
  5. I like the idea of durability being linked to tool use, but material loss being dictated by the use of the whetstone. Gives an option for those who want to save up on metal (essentially reforging) while giving a more convenient but lossy method for those who prefer faster gameplay. It also opens up the possibility of tools being better when sharper without being too much of an annoyance. Those who want to use up a ton of metal can experience a really fast paced experience with tools that shred through mountains while those who are more patient can simply use their tools down until they're too dull to be usable, then reforge. Ultimately the best experience is going to be somewhere in the middle and will change based on how much the player values their time verses their resources. Those playing singleplayer will prefer stronger faster tools, while those in multiplayer can instead use those materials to make the 8th set of plate armor.
  6. I figured out why it broke, turns out that the armor system got a complete overhaul. Sorry for taking so long to get to it, but I've ported it over to the new system, included the new armors, and now it's available on the ModDB.
  7. After all this time, I'm updating it, and also uploading it to the mod database.
  8. Yep time for another cool mod idea that I will either finish in a week, or leave on the shelf for literal years. Overpowered spells. You've unlocked the ability to make your wishes a reality. Whatever you want, you can do it. At a cost. In fact, the cost is so high that it's not even worth doing in the first place. Oh well. Come up with some "overpowered" spell ideas for an end-game magic system. Stasis - Time flies when you're having fun, and by 'fun' I mean a ball of time-nullifying magic binding to your bones. Skip the day like you're using a bed, but without losing hunger. Revert - Isn't it lame how your tools break down over time? Turn back the clock and watch as your tools unbreak before your very eyes! Chaos - Unlike ordinary food which breaks down over time, Chaos food breaks down instantly! Chill - Open a portal to the Ice Realm (otherwise known as the 'north pole') and turn the nearby vicinity into frost and snow and cooling it (and you) dramatically. Heck - Open a portal to Heck (otherwise known as 'the nether') and watch as the environment boils and burns, heating you (and everything nearby) in the process. Anchor - Perform a ritual to ground yourself to the mortal realm, restoring your stability to full instantly. Blood - Heart aflutter, on the brink of collapse; accept his offering and feel the crimson gift draw into your very veins. Feast - Stomach rumbling, things are looking grim; accept his offering and feel your innards churning once more. Sunshine - Close your eyes, imagine yourself in a better place. The sun is just around the corner. Nightmare - The darkness closing in. Open your eyes, your world is about to get a whole lot worse. Offset - Have you ever wanted to take a plot of land and just kinda... rip it out of the ground? No. Well now you can! Skybase! Drought - A haiku: Big annoying lake. Stands in my way and looks ugly. But not any more. Drench - Go a little overboard on the desertification? Need a new lake? We got you covered. Soar - Take to the skies! Hope you brought wings because there's only one way down. Meteor - A meteor will crash nearby. Probably on you. Absolutely on you. Obsidian - Obsidian is immune to lava. Step 1: cover yourself in obsidian. You can figure out the rest. Howl - A police siren makes every wolf chain howl for a few hours, preventing them from ambushing you. Blink - You blink and suddenly you're at a random place at a random time. How does this keep happening? Gravity - Clearly you don't understand the gravity of the situation. Your reasoning is completely upsidedown, side-to-side. Hey, I think I saw a youtube video about this. Wealth - Wish fortune upon your allies, and cast poverty upon your enemies. Well, only the former. And not for yourself, but for the traders who seek to offer you goods. Macro - Suddenly out of the blue, you are expand and expand and expand. Before you know it, you're the size of a building. Hey, I think I read a comic about this. Light - Did you know that moths are passionately aroused by light? It's true. With this spell, you'll become a beacon of insect tantalization for the whole night. Dark - Wrap yourself in darkness and fade into obscurity. Literally. You'll be impossible to see, but won't mask that odor. You'll need to cast Shower for that. Instant Break - Instantly break any block, no question. Just one. One. Choose wisely! Magnet - Don't you hate it when you try to trade something and it just goes yeeting into a nearby person because they had a magnet on? Be that person. Nuclear - ICBM: Intense Casting of Block-deleting Magic Turbo - Fast. Fast? Fast! Gotta go fast! Faster faster fasterfasterfaster. Yeaah! Chili dogs! 3D - "What do you mean the game's already 3D? It didn't even come with 3D glasses, that's false advertising." Secret - What does it do? Nobody knows. If I told you then it wouldn't be a secret. Swap - Swap positions with a random entity. Anything. Could be an animal, an item, or even another player.
  9. The dreaded '?' Check your JSONs. The textures aren't being loaded properly.
  10. It's weird. The spawning feels way too low once you have a basic weapon but before that you're just harassed with a crap ton of monsters you don't really have a means of dealing with. As my time building a minecraft modpack has proven, monster spawning is an impossible thing to get right, though I find it's better to have too little than too much. This looks like a case of bad design within the spawning algorithm itself. My guess is that being underground is forcing all of the spawns to happen underground in the same structure you're currently loaded in. Doesn't matter how low the spawning chance or mob cap is if 100% of the enemies spawned WILL appear right next to you. How would you fix it? Probably by reordering the algorithm a little bit. Swarming can be fun so there should still be a rare chance that it happens, but it shouldn't be based on things like the environment. Instead of having spawning just go off of all the time, have it happen in waves. Probably best to do it twice, once at sunrise and one at sunset. During this time, monsters will start spawning like normal in random locations like it does now, though much faster and with a higher monster cap. Then it becomes a matter of surviving. If you kill a monster it won't just come back until the next spawning wave. Naturally monsters also spawn like they do already within temporal storms. They're supposed to be dangerous.
  11. Omega Haxors

    Class survey

    Malefactor is a great pick if you want an easy early game and to make it rain later on. Probably one of the most money-oriented classes out there if you don't mind taking an extra hit or two to kill a drifter. Clockmaker used to be my 'trader' class of choice due to the movespeed, but malefactor is just way better at fundraising. He's also got the benefit of more starter clothing, which makes traversing trade routes less punishing in the winter.
  12. Download Toggly mod. It was made specifically for this reason. The game expects you to hold controls down for way too long which makes the game physically painful to play.
  13. It's time for the official pre-release of Immersive Phototrophy. Hate eating all the time? Well boy do I have the solution for you. Become a plant. They can make energy from the sun. Epic. Simply type /photosynthesis to become a plant. Type it again to return to monky. While a plant, you restore energy when in light. Not just sunlight, but also held light, block light, and even light coming off of entities. Not only that, but your plant skin will generate sugar and inject it right into your blood, giving you a sugar rush. The more light, the faster you go. All values are based on real life. A lot of research and effort went into ensuring a perfect balanced, backed up by real world values. Since this is only a prerelease, a few things are assumed: 1) The player does not wear clothing or armor 2) You are playing as the Commoner class 3) That you won't abuse/cheeze the command toggle You're free to do the prior, but understand it won't be representative of the end product. Later on, I plan on fixing these problems, but for now I'd like to see some people playtest it first. Please leave feedback after playing, and let me know what you think about the new mechanic. https://mods.vintagestory.at/immersivephototrophyprerelease
  14. I'm axing the class support, at least for now. For the sake of actually shipping in a reasonable time, it will simply be a command. Classes are new, undocumented, and buggy as hell. Needs more time in the oven. The effects of Phototropic, Sugar Rush, and Heavy will apply when using the command as those are all calculated internally within the mod itself.
  15. Most of it was spent getting the stupid Dev Environment to actually function. Compiler errors are the actual worst.
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