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  1. It's a false decision. You're forced to do it if you want to play effectively. Exactly the kind of design I'm trying to stay away from.
  2. Might have a tiny bit of fluid in there.
  3. I want there to be a way to pull from the ore map directly through some kind of mechanic. Being able to extract trace minerals from the ground would go a long way in preventing the probability-based system of actually looking for a deposit, and remove those annoying situations when an ore has a high chance to spawn, but doesn't.
  4. Omega Haxors

    Class survey

    People will just mod in a "classless" class. Pull don't push. Forcing people to pick a class is just going to piss them off. It's been made abundantly clear by both how people vote and how they play that people simply aren't interested in playing the game any other way than the way it was intended to be played from the beginning. The takeaway here isn't commoner is too good but that the allure of the other classes just isn't enough to make up for the shortcomings.
  5. It's actually really easy, run ModMaker.exe and it will take every file that's different in your install and packs it into a ZIP file for you.
  6. Just a simple patch which makes a majority of crafted blocks gain the speed bonus effect of dirt paths. No longer do you need to cover your base with paths in order to benefit from a speed boost! Some lesser blocks such as wood and cob give a weaker speed bonus, while Metal Blocks give a whopping 1.5x increase. This patch also reduces your speed slightly on wild Clay and Peat, discouraging you from building on them and giving you a little bit of a subtle notification when you're running over some. https://mods.vintagestory.at/speedboostblocks
  7. That was it! Well the issue is still prevalent, it's nice that there's a way to get around it. Anyway, here's it is:
  8. ModMaker.exe consistently detects changes that simply aren't there on fresh installs.
  9. I made a mod to give almost all crafted blocks speed bonuses. The exception are 'cheap' blocks like dirt get a lesser bonus and the metal blocks get a bigger speed bonus. Just waiting on a fix for the ModMaker.exe since it's glitching out making the update impossible to publish, will let you know when it's fixed.
  10. My base looks like a joke because the floor is pathing. Support.
  11. I can help here, I had to master the lighting system essentially to get my mod to work. There are 3 types of light: Sunlight - This casts down from the sky to the ground. A rating from 0-22 is defined by the JSON in your world file. Every light level blocked reduces this. Unlike what you might expect, light level produced by time of day is not affected by this, that's done on its own separate thing during rendering or something. This means that anything that checks light, unless it also checks time, won't care if it's day or night. It will treat the block as fully lit if it's exposed to the sky. Block Light - Same thing as sunlight, though the 'brightness' of block light is 1/3rd or put another way: a sunlight of 6 overpowers a block light of 18. This reduces by 1 per distance from the block emitting the light. By far the simplest light source type in the game. Entity Light - This light value works like block light except it has half the range: With each block reducing 2 levels of light. This isn't actually tracked by game itself but it can easily be inferred by simply reading the "V" of its HSV level and doing some simple math. Entity Light sources include players holding light sources (fun fact: you can put colored glass in lamps to color it) entities that are on fire, dropped light sources and spider mechanicals attacking you. If it's an entity casing a light, it's Entity light. All lights have an HSV value, yes, even sunlight. (This can be defined in the world JSON) Hue determines the color, Saturation determines how much color, and Value determines the brightness of the color. In the case of Entity Light (and potentially all light), V determines the strength.
  12. Huh seems that the chisel recipe for lamellae gives half as much bits as it should. That's probably a bug. EDIT: Yeah it is. Scales are supposed to be the ones that give half material. The clear solution here is to make lamellae cost half as much to make in the casting process, maybe then people would actually use it.
  13. New update which adds clothing/armor handing, buffs energy gain, and adds a new command /exposure
  14. It takes like 30 hits to kill them with the torch and they deal like an 8th of your health if they hit you. Even if you do kill them, another one will spawn in its place. Notice how I have half my health missing? That's from when I thought it was a good idea to try and fight back, yeah it didn't work. Even if I did have a proper weapon, it's going to break in like 4 kills anyway which is going to require I stay put for a bit to, oh wait there's 2 more now I have to deal with.
  15. Perfectly sums up the design flaws of the game. I'd like to add another that I recently discovered: Drifters are overpowered in the early game: Look at this and tell me if you think this is acceptable in the early game. It's like, no matter where you go you're constantly harassed by boatloads of enemies that you can't reasonably deal with. Don't think you can escape up a mountain because not only will you be surrounded by enemies, but you'll also have nowhere to go and will be trapped forced to either run past them or take massive amounts of fall damage.
  16. Wait, what do you have to do to get your entire game account banned??
  17. The only purpose of wolf pups is to resell them. You can place them, but the instant they grow up they'll attack you.
  18. Thanks for making the new player experience better, spawning in the pitch black was always awful. Also super appreciate opening up the API some more, as there were some things private that didn't need to be.
  19. It would be really cool if you could stack the armors by just clicking them on top of each other. Using a similar design to the Consolidating Items/Blocks suggestion, clicking an armor on another armor combines them. Right clicking (like you would do to split a stack) would take an armor type off allowing you to split them once again.
  20. The current registry is a complete mess of blocks. Since each item variation is essentially its own block, that means there's a crapton of superfluous blocks which only exist because they have to. Make no mistake, it's really awesome to see the 20+ variations of each block type and it's a part of what makes the game special, but it also feels really inefficient and leads to issues such as your inventory being clogged up by multiple different types of the same item. Here's a proposal to fix this one and for all. Items are generated in the registry in a very formulaic way. This is good because it's efficient and easy to work with. What I'm proposing is that that format be brought into the game itself. Lets use stones for an example, the kind you can fit in your hand and throw. They can be quickly described by a simple grid: [rock type],[containing ore & richness] so there's 1 item for each rock multiplied by 1 item for each richness and within that another multiplication for each. What starts as 2 axis (one containing 2 axis within itself) has become hundreds of items. Now lets just take all that, throw it in the trash and replace it with this: Item: Stone - This is essentially just a generic item representing stones Tag: Material - this defines what material properties the stone will take. In this case it's Granite. Tag: Ore - this defines what ore is currently within the item itself. Right now it contains copper, but this can be empty. Tag: Richness - this subtag for the Ore tag defines how rich the ore is. Right now it's poor. Already this is a lot easier to work with both on the intuitive level, and also on the coding level. If you wanted to create a 'spawn item' command, all one would have to do is say "/spawn stone granite copper rich" and just like that, there you have it. Here's an even more fun reason to do something like this however: Item stacking. One problem with games that have various item variations is that they don't stack in the inventory, but using this system they can very easily be made to. Here's an example using the logic from the last example that should be very intuitive. Item: Stone Material: Granite Contains Ore: No Amount: 10 Material: Granite Contains Ore: Copper Richness: Very Rich Amount: 10 Richness: Bountiful Amount: 4 Richness: Crystal Amount: 1 The item stack has 10 normal granite rocks, 10 very rich copper granite rocks, 4 bountiful copper granite rocks, and 1 crystal copper granite rock, for an itemstack size of 25 That's right, this system allows for the possibility of MULTIPLE ITEMS in the same inventory slot, as long as they're the same type of item. Since they all share behavior, they all act exactly the same when used, no need to define each and every one individually. For exceptions, like not all rocks can be used for knapping, you can simply read the value then compare to a table when relevant. How will this impact gameplay? Simple. Whenever you use an itemstack, it just picks the items randomly, with a weighted chance. To reference the last example, if you picked up 2 Basalt rocks you'd be far more likely to throw a Granite rock (10/12 chance) than to throw a Basalt one (2/12 chance) and you would never throw the ores (since you can't throw ores). If the player wants to 'spread' out the stacks (for example, to sort them) you can just split the item out. For example if you split the stack in half, the items will be distributed at random between the two stacks, giving you a chance to sort various items of the same type. Likewise, you can choose to stack the items together if you don't care and just want to save inventory space. Those familiar with the minecraft bundle should have a good idea of what game design this system serves to purpose. Intuitive on a player level, immersive, and intuitive on a coding level.
  21. There was an idea early on to allow the pounder to break apart ore blocks in order to get double ore yield of of it. This thankfully did not make the cut: DO NOT DO THIS! Modded minecraft has taught me that ore duplication ruins the game. How? Well imagine you have a magic box that doubles every ore you get. Following me? Well once you have it, essentially all your ore is doubled when converted into ingots, pretty nice, right? It's not, and let me tell you why: when you're starting up a new world, you know this exists, so you start stockpiling ore. Now you feel like crap every time you have to smelt an ore because the back of your mind is nagging you saying "you could have gotten 2 out of that" and it just feels bad. This universally leads to FOMO and toxic optimizing. Things don't stop there, it gets worse. As Modded advanced, everyone was trying to one-up each other which lead to ore tripling, then ore quadrupling, you get the idea. Eventually it got so ridiculous that one ore produced TWO BLOCKS worth of ingots out of a single ore. Yes. Two blocks!! Ores weren't treated as being worth anything since their value was completely arbitrary based on what mods you had installed. Anyway, I think there's a better solution to all of this that not only fixes the problem but opens up an exciting new avenue to build off of: Ore Extracting and Trace Minerals! To start off, you put any rock into the pounder to get dust. Then you run that through an extractor. After some processing you'll find tiny little amounts of trace mineral. Over time these accumulate enough that you can make an ingot. What makes this exciting is that you can do the same to ore powders. The yield will be lower than the old method, but you'll get purified metal out instead. This metal when processed will be better than the normal metal, similar to how meteoric iron outperforms normal iron. Here's where things get exciting: No matter what you destroy, be it a rock or an ore, you'll get a byproduct. These byproducts can be any ore, though it weights based on the stone type or ore type you process, and if you're lucky you might find trace amounts of rare earth material. These rare earth metals can eventually accumulate and you can use them to make a new upgrade for your steel tools: Stainless steel! You won't gain them any faster by using stones or using ore, but when processing ore you'll be getting purified metal in the process, so you may as well throw them in there. Not only that, you can also crush down already-smelted ingots and put them through to purify them and obtain trace material that way too. This system gives benefits for using it without invalidating the older methods nor punishing you for processing all your ore early, but instead rewarding you for using the new method. Even if you don't have any ore to process it's no big deal; you're not going to be locked out of any content since you can still pound rocks/ingots to the same effect.
  22. I was wondering why the fix wasn't implemented properly sooner. Then I looked at the code handling armor. Yeah. That's why. Unless you wanna go over every single recipe manually one-by-one...
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