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Just an idea I had while playing during my latest world. Thought it would be cool if you did alchemy in the game similar to what ancient alchemists once did, where they wanted to change base metals into gold.

Be able to change metals into other metals. Figured it could be useful if someone is having a hard time finding certain metals. Could use similar mechanics to the juice and alcohol making.

Have to withdraw the essence from it using something that operates like the fruit press, maybe have it be a centrifuge type thing and then store it in a glass container that has something associated with the metal you want the essence to turn into. Maybe it has to be a sample or maybe each thing that the essence can turn into has a different shape of container.

Then it would have a timer similar to fermenting or leather making. Could also have each element associated with a certain environment too, like the container has to sit in water or be exposed to sky, or in the dark, or be surrounded by a certain rock type.

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Yes, and ancient alchemists failed in this mission.

It is not possible by this level of technology to change materials, but we have temporal gears 😉
Maybe by crushing temporal gears, we could get the "temporal powder" (


prima materia

) and this could be used for those alchemy miracles :D

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