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v1.18.2 & 1.18.3 Lore Update: The Resonance Archives - stable server perf tweaks


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Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
v1.18.2/3, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager (section "Other Goodies").

[Edit:] Also release 1.18.3 to fix a few critical issues.

The recent performance changes look to be stable enough, here's a stable release!  This also includes fixes to a few longer-standing issues. Should you run into serious issues please report them to us. Thanks!    [Known issue in 1.18.3: barrels holding rot / compost / preserved foods or other solid contents may show "Empty" on the HUD: the barrel contents are actually still there if you right-click on the barrel]


Screenshot by KORMOT, EATER OF COSMOS#9983

Game updates

  • Everything listed in the rc.1/2 release notes and rc.3/4 release notes (except the minor Resonance Archives fixes, those will return in a future update)
  • Tweak: Configurable timer for dropped inventory on death, default 10 minutes, editable in /assets/game/entities/humanoid/player.json entry droppedItemsOnDeathTimer
  • Tweak: Block Interaction Help displays only permitted interactions when looking at claimed blocks [example: don't show wrench interactions for clutter blocks in the Resonance Archives]
  • Tweak: Smelting temperature of Nickel reduced to 1325°C  (within the capability of coke)
  • Tweak: For Electrum and Cupronickel, smelting properties added to ingots, metalbits, and metalplates
  • Tweak: Bucket contents localization in English lang file uses our new pluralisation format, other languages could too :)
  • Fixed: Occasional crash on collecting resin for players who chose the Tailor or Blackguard classes - thanks to @NoelleLavenza for contribution
  • Fixed: Butterflies generally never spawning in previous 1.18 game versions (except perhaps in high summer)
  • Fixed: Rare client crash with System.IO.FileNotFoundException when connecting to a game with large numbers of modded blocks
  • Fixed: Crashes when writing to parchment or book if cursor moved to the end of the page
  • Fixed: Very rare crash when creating coal pile or charcoal pile rapidly
  • Fixed: No more logged BETransient errors for tallgrass-eaten-snow
  • Fixed: Coke oven door losing its lock and reinforcement, if opened/closed
  • Fixed: Torch holder losing reinforcement, if a torch is added or removed
  • Fixed: Wrench orientable blocks do not lose reinforcement when rotated
  • Fixed: Water and other weak/non-solid blocks being unintentionally reinforcable (this also fixes the issue where water flowing through a reinforced block removed the reinforcement)
  • Fixed: Correct Block Interaction Help for buckets, including reinforcement info if relevant
  • Fixed: Barrels now display block reinforcement info if reinforced
  • Fixed: Pluralisation format now works correctly in strings with multiple parameters
  • Fixed: Serious lag during clayforming (especially in multiplayer or with relevant mods)


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