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Aura Fury Fear the Night Fossil Edition Gregtech 5u Server with 30+ Active Players! Launches May 26th at 12 PM EST


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New Infitech 2u: Fear the Night Fossil Edition server launches May 26th at 12 PM EST! Server is whitelisted so join our discord to get whitelisted. 30+ players plan on joining so far! Server is run by the Aura Fury non-profit and a dedicated box, experience the difference

Join our discord here to join the server and say you are here for Fear the Night: discord.gg/aurafury


Pack can be downloaded here: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/ftn-fossil-edition.1932889 Pack Update coming out next week!


Aura Fury is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to bring you a relaxing community you can call home on the internet


-We run with the Aura Fury promise so no worries about world resets or wipes, single worlds run for years

-Level 3 Boosted Discord for high quality audio/video and direct chat with VS server through discord

-Content creator friendly servers and discord (many youtubers/streamers in the group)

-Worlds completely built in survival and by the players, the players decide how the world looks and run our events

-Dedicated bare metal servers with dedicated internet lines for little lag for everyone around the world even with 30+ players on

-Not a pay to win community, donating to help the community gets you nothing but a thank you

-Community has been around more than 10 years and has grown to 1000+ members

-Main spoken languages are English, French, Russian and German but all languages are allowed

-Players on around the clock

Don't forget to join our Vintage Story Servers: Mystic Winds and Shimmering Heights!

We play multiple games including: Minecraft, Vintage Story, Starbound, Eco, Ark, Among Us, Overwatch, Squad, Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Phasmophobia, Factorio, Cryofall, Rise of Nations, Command and Conquer, Diablo, and Valheim. We add games as the community is interested


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