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  1. Our website is getting an overhaul tomorrow and will have some down time, if the website is down and you wish to join, please shoot me a PM with your vintage story in game name and Ill contact you back
  2. be sure to check your email for responses, I always respond. Most common reason folks dont get a response is due to an incorrect email being adding to the application or my email back to you goes to your spam
  3. To join fill out our simple app: https://aurafurygaming.com/index.php/join-us
  4. We now have a server map hosted our out website, check the link out at: https://aurafurygaming.com/ Shows our roads, TLs, traders and more!
  5. Come check the amazing builds, roads and chisel work on Aura Fury! Everything is done in survival except to blocks on the whole server Roads and community works are run by players not the admins.
  6. @Rhyagelle still the same world, we dont reset worlds unless there are bugs or no one playing on them and we still the busiest server. Aura Fury server worlds can go for years. When we have enough players looking for a new world we will just start a second VS server
  7. dont forget to check your email for a reply, we will send u the discord invite that way
  8. accepting new players! Apply at: https://aurafurygaming.com/index.php/join-us
  9. great time to join! Apply at: https://aurafurygaming.com/index.php/join-us
  10. Aura Fury is now over 400 members! Thanks to all those who joined and continue to make Aura Fury a great place to hang out and have fun
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