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  1. awesome build, love how its built into the mountain side
  2. a tour of one of the road projects on the server:
  3. We will be announcing the build contest rules tomorrow and more events for the anniversary celebration at the end of the month!
  4. Some of the anniversary events start next week!
  5. Aura Fury has announced its first build contest, scheduled for the end of May
  6. Aura Fury is approaching 10 years old and has some anniversary events coming up next month! Great time to join the community and have some fun
  7. one of the admins at Aura Fury actually suggested the same thing and we had been messing with it a bit. I would recommend using a separate domain other then your vs server's website for it though if you go through with it. Should be its own thing.
  8. multiple new mega projects have been started on the server! Come check them out!
  9. Come check out the museum on our server, completely put together in survival mode:
  10. Our spawn teleporter has moved so we now have a fresh area for new players! It will be a couple weeks before it moves again, so great time to join
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