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  1. Event Schedule is out and more is being added as we get closer! Check the website here: https://aurafurygaming.com/index.php/aurasfuriouswatchathon
  2. Join in the fun to support our Content Creators and Vintage Story July 30th through Aug 1st
  3. Join in the fun to support Vintage Story's awesome content creators on twitch and youtube! Event starts July 30th and goes until Aug 2nd. If you are a content creator and would like to join in the event with more than 20 other content creators (that will be cross promoting one another, great way to pick up viewers and subs) join the Aura Fury discord and ping EconBrony to get setup. You can be a part of the event on any Vintage Story world Our discord: https://discord.gg/sWdUYru2Wk Schedule website: https://aurafurygaming.com/index.php/aurasfuriouswatchathon
  4. Build competition is complete and the winners have been announced in our discord! Stay tuned for our text competitions
  5. Results for our first build contest will be released in a few days. For a limited amount of time, a teleporter from spawn is available to go out and check the works out
  6. Happy 10th Birthday Aura Fury! Its so awesome that we have all come so far. Starting from small home run FPS game servers and Minecraft servers then moving into more games with dedicated boxes. Crazy to think we started with some 10 members and all those members are still here today, in fact the first 50 are all here still today. Thank you to all of you who have been a part of this community and turning into the friendly, accepting and fun community it is today. Thank to our Patreon and one time supporters who have made it possible to afford bare metal servers and run the community! Thank you to our discord boosters who have given us all the cool features we have today. It is incredible these folks continue to support us even though they get nothing more than a thank you from us. Thank you to our admin staff, moderators, and all those who help run the community! Thank you to our content creators who promote our community, don't forget to show them support too! For those of you who have not noticed, we have a texture pack that adds bows to chests in game for Vintage Story to celebrate the anniversary, so check that out if you have not already. Don’t forget to sign up for the build contest if you have not done so, it is approaching quickly! Also, we have a Vintage Story Board game in development now, be sure to watch the text channel for updates on its progress! We will launch one or two more game servers depending on feedback from the vote over the next couple months. Thanks again to all of you for being part of Aura Fury and making it such a great place to be for everyone! We look look for to many more years of gaming together in Vintage Story and other games too!
  7. Iowadilly made us a texture pack to celebrate Aura Fury's 10th Anniversary. Check it out in our discord
  8. Spawn teleporter is moving locations tonight, it will bring you out to a brand new area!
  9. awesome build, love how its built into the mountain side
  10. We will be announcing the build contest rules tomorrow and more events for the anniversary celebration at the end of the month!
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