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Couldn't find the resonance Archive command.

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I've been looking around trying to find the command to spawn the Resonance Archive from 1.18 into an old 1.17 world, it's been more than a month now trying this command.
This is a cry for help.

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Quoting from the patch notes:


Feature: Added ability for players to generate the main story event from 1.18 - the Resonance Archives - at a chosen location through commands. This is for players and server owners that would like to have the main story event also in their old worlds. Instructions:
1. Find a suitable location where there are no chunks that you want to keep, in a large area around
2. Look at a block for the desired center location. Run command  /setstorystrucpos resonancearchive l[]
3. Then standing at the same center location, use either command  /wgen regen 6  to generate the terrain on even ground, which might expose parts of the structure on the world surface in some instances, or use command  /wgen regenf 7  to generate hilly terrain which will better cover the full extent of the Resonance Archives, but might create some chunk borders.

What exactly hasn't been working for you?

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