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Hanging, Climbing and Dropping Vines


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About a 2 years ago, I saw VS's greenery and flora and 5 minutes later i had already purchased the game. Every plant had it's types and variants, and that for me made a huge difference already between this and other blocky games. In fact... not even the fancy cherry blossom tree made me go back to MC. There's certain charm about VS that I just love, and i think the variety in many of the processes needed to progress in the game is what draws me to it.


In VS, there are 13+ types of trees and variants, 37 different mushrooms and 8 Crotons each with a variant. 15 flowers and one of them have 5 variants, 3 types of cactus... and don't get me started on the crops that can be propagated and farmed. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Do you see where I'm going? 
Because the thing is... that there is only ONE type of vine, and it doesn't have any variants at all. I'm sorry, VS, but you had me pampered for a long time when it comes to plants. Therefore now i must complain because "my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined" (Don't take me seriously though~).

The vegetation around buildings can help to communicate how old the place is or how much the people who live in there care about their property. Some potted flowers, for example, are essential in order to know that someone lives in the place. Otherwise, the pots in the ruins would appear with live flowers inside, right?

And let's not forget about the textures. Every new block added keeps looking better and better in terms of texture, but the current vines, beyond the effect of swaying in the wind, are just nice & basic. But can we please add some climbing, hanging or dropping vines variants? 

As examples of different textures, depth and variations, please take a look at these images (that you've probably already seen out there), as they could be used strictly as inspiration or to get an idea of what kind of new vine could be added:

In the first picture (from the left) are Ivy vines extracted from one Hytale blog. It has a bushy texture and covers most of the wall behind it. It's more on the cartoony side.
The second one, are climbing/dropping Ivy vines taken from a Minecraft mod & resourcepack named "Cocricot". These are more detailed and have a "fancy" appearance. Those vines are one single block that connects vertically and horizontally, so it renders a bit defferently when surrounded by more of the same blocks.



In the next picture we have flowering vines and that one (unimplemented for now) climbing plant from MC.
Vintage Story could maybe approach this type of plant differently, making them flower once a year to make your builds come alive in certain seasons. 


The rest are vines with pointy leaves, hanging plants from vanilla MC, the Cocricot MOD, and some lychen.


TL;DR Am i the only one feeling like there should be more than one vine in the game? Honestly VS would look even better if at least had 2 variations with some texture to them.
It makes no sense that the same plant covers all the trees in the tropical areas.



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Just today I wanted to build a pergola (how would one even go about placing vines/leaves/plants on top?) and lamented myself at not having something like wysteria to hang off of it (or underneath?). I would also really love the kind of flower climbing vine that one would place around a doorway. I can't believe we've only got this one lousy vine!

Please, devs! (or modders)

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