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[EN/RU] New Partner / Fresh Start

Big Shasta

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Looking for someone who wants start fresh, who wants to be neighbors and play with the INTENT to play cooperatively... Meaning share resources if needed, back up each other if needed... but otherwise just chill in a voice chat and play Vintage Story on some online server.

I have started solo on a couple servers, ideally we will find one we both like and go from there. 

"Why not host?" I'd love to host a dedi server, name it "BiG SHASTA's BRASS MONKEY", roll up my sleeves, and start spawning wolves on players or something, but ... it's a waste of money without friends to play with imo, and how many of these dedicated servers would be happy to see a couple more players? Probably a couple would be happy to have more online.

We'll probably have to settle for some overbuilt old nerd server where a fat mob of chat spamming solitary speedrunners are hording tons of junk and building dcks into the sky but... whatever I guess that's how we have to play these kinds of games. 😆

ABOUT YOU: No politics. No religion. Be an adult so that I don't feel like an unpaid babysitter .... Please. Thanks. 

kaefr on Discord 

Vintagestory Screenshot 2023.06.06 -

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Sounds a good idea. And appreciated. For the moment I´m done with multiplayer here in this game. I started to join Servers as playing alone got boring. If I only would have known what will become my experience with such servers. 2 out of 15 server keep you. For the others it seems to be a habbit to kick you after a week or so. No message no nothing.- just blocked to enter. "Free to join" is written there otherwise I wouldn´t have entered. So guys "If you want your private server with your friends or whomever mark this server as such ( It is possible to do so - use this option). So nobody can join you don´t want. It is certainly not the nicest top good behaviour to let someone in and play. After he has etablished the needed things to survive (food-production and roof over the head) and starts with his project - he suddenly can´t carry on anymore - blocked." Not that anyone talked in the chats there. So no way that someone could be offended or I could have done something to them or whatever.

Sorry to put it in here to tell about this really bad behaviour of obviously the majority of guys (13 server who did that compared to 2 where they show good manners).

Maybe later I might join one server again. Might even be your server Big Shasta. But at the moment I´m fed up.

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