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Hey all! HUGE new fan of this spectacular game! I bought a four-pack for a friend's birthday and we all had a blast figuring things out and exploring your gorgeous world!

I've only got one, extremely minor, hangup so far, and it's about the map! I'm a big mapper - love marking resources for later investigation, color-coding things, all that good stuff. And I love that your game allows me to do that! But I habitually close the icon menu after entering the icon, color, and name because I've pressed 'enter' after inserting the name and intuitively feel that I've completed the task - when in fact I need to go back to my mouse to click 'save' before closing.

My question for the developers is: would it be difficult to change the map icon interface so that a second use of the 'enter' key might serve as a way to save the icon and close the window? It would be a lovely quality-of-life change for mappers like myself.

Thanks for reading! Love you!

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Welcome to Vintage Story!  

I love your idea because I ran into the same thing after typing my waypoint title.  I don't know how much the developers peruse this forum, but have you thought about modding the game until such behavior is implemented in the base game?

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