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What is Immobilised eidolon?

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I've been looking at vintage story wiki lately and found this in temporal gear section:


Temporal gears can be looted from slained:

  • Drifters: high level drifters deep underground will have a better chance of dropping this item than surface drifters.
  • Immobilised eidolon

They can also be looted from chests in the Resonance Archives.

Can anyone tell me what is this?

It also appears in Metal parts:

Metal parts can be obtained by slaining:

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You will encounter the eidolon when exploring the game's story content.

The precise details are a major spoiler, so don't look at it if you want to preserve the surprise:


The immobilized eidolon is a surprise boss battle in the Resonance Archive. It drops various loot upon defeating it.


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