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Allow "X" to swap non-offhand-items from hotbar to *pack*.

Alan Blue

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By default, X is "Swap highlighted bar item and off-hand". It's amazingly useful combined with the scroll wheel to zip a torch in there for just a second. (Ok, I play far north, and winter is bloody dark. And freezing. *and* hungry). 

But, the stock method of gathering things leads to full hotbars. And you have to open windows and fiddle with the GUI to clear your bar. 

If "X" were overloaded to have this little bit of extra functionality, clearing your hotbar (of everything *but* tongs, torches, lanterns...) would be scroll-x-scoll-x-scroll-x ... done.

Edited to add:

This also allows fast "Stored on ground to pack without opening windows". 

Pickup your lunchbox crock, x to store it immediately. 

Or too-many-crocks from kilns. pick,x, pick, x, pick, x ... 

Eliminates an entire step of inventory micromanagement. Going *in* to the pack anyway.

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Yup agreed. If you press buttons "1" to "9" on the keyboard when mousing over items in the inventory, they'll get assigned to the respective slots. It would make sense when pressing "X" to have the same happen with the off-hand too. 

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personally, i think anything not picked up manually (so, anything broken into entities first) should automatically go into the pack, not hotbar
and also anything picked up by right-clicking should go into a different hotbar slot than the one highlighted so i can pick up stuff without needing to scroll
but that's probably just me

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Further thinking:

Make X just be "get this out of my hand (or grab most obvious thing if empty)", and have a hierarchy. Meaning: "X does something with the selected hotbar slot, empty or not"

  1. Is offhand suitable? -> Shoved into offhand. (Torches, tongs, ...)
  2. Is something *open* that accepts items? (Barrel, firepit, ...) -> shove it into there.
  3. Neither? -> Pack.

And if the hand is *empty*

  1. Is there something in my offhand?      Swap
  2. Is there a container open?                   Take first available item
  3. Nothing obvious ...                                Pick **last** item in pack. 

Taking the *last* item means ... you could actually rotate though (a little, clumsily) but at least some way to access pack without opening windows. Opens up "Take one, or take *stack*" I guess. Can modifiers easily apply to keys this way?

Straille, I run around hovering on an empty selection on '9'. Right-clicking shale, flint, sticks -> into pack. Because I already have stacks of all three in there. Leaving base with one of the things I expect to find already in my pack may seem odd, but it lets me do part of what you say. Somewhat. 

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